Will and Jada divorce back on?

    Rumors about the demise of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s happy home are rearing their ugly heads again.

    Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith headed for divorce again?

    The superstar duo have been defending the status of their marriage since rumors of a split surfaced in late August. Despite putting out a statement that said their marriage is still "intact" and appearing various places together, whispers of a divorce have cropped again.

    Star Magazine reports that Will and Jada’s union is on the rocks, and a source told the gossip magazine that they wouldn’t be surprised to see someone file divorce papers.
    “They’ve been faking it for a long time and they don’t want to live a lie anymore," the insider said. "Living and sleeping separately—and now Will finally walking out on Jada—have pushed them to their limit. They’re done.”

    Supposedly the main reason that the couple is trying to put on a strong front is the for the sake of their careers.

    "They’re still keeping up appearances because they worry divorce could hurt their careers, but there’s no turning back now. It needs to end," the source explained. “They’ve been trying to work through it, but things came to a head in early November, when they got into a huge knock-down, drag-out fight. They put up a good front in public, but behind closed doors they really fight like cats and dogs.”

    According to the tipster those fights might be some of the only time the pair spends together, explaining, “Will is barely speaking to Jada as it is. But when they fight, he’ll storm out and go off to spend time with his guy friends … he and Jada are living separate lives.”

    Neither Will nor Jada have said anything about the new round of rumors, but they seemed pretty cozy while partying at LIV in Las Vegas recently.  Therefore, the jury is still out on the validity of the divorce gossip.

    This comes just as Sony Pictures dropped the trailer for Men In Black III, which is slated for release May 25, 2012.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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