First Look: ‘Good Deeds’

    Tyler Perry is doing a little good with all of his privilege in the trailer for Good Deeds.

    Forget about Tyler casting Kim Kardashian in The Marriage Counselor! The media mogul has just rolled out the first look at his upcoming film with a teaser and poster (pictured left).

    Tyler stars in the movie as Wesley Deeds, an executive living a life of privilege with a beautiful, if bored, woman by his side. Gabrielle Union stars as his fiancée Natalie.

    Phylicia Rashad plays the Deeds matriarch, who has raised her son to be the perfect gentleman. From his schooling to his career, and perhaps even his social life, Wesley has been placed on a very predictable path that leaves him feeling more than a bit restless.

    Good Deeds catches up with Wesley as he discovers that sometimes having a perfect life mapped out for your isn’t so perfect. His whole world changes when he runs into a single mom named Lindsey and decides to help her out. 

    Wesley and Lindsey, played by Thandie Newton, form a bond that could change his relationship, his job—his entire way of living.

    Check out the trailer for Good Deeds below, and keep eye out for appearances by Brian White, Rebecca Romijn and Eddie Cibrian. Jamie Kennedy and Beverly Johnson are also set to appear in the film




    —Sonya Eskridge




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