‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 12.16.11

    Tamar one-liner: "Food, fashion and life. What else do you need?"

    It’s not always easy working with family as we saw on the latest "Braxton Family Values."

    Up in Chicago, it looked like Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert needed to do a little work on their relationship—especially since Tamar wanted to run his career as his wife-ager!

    Confused? Tamar doesn’t just want to be Vince’s wife; she wants to be his manager. Since it’s Tamar, she mushed the words together to create wife-ager.

    In theory it was not a bad idea. Tamar loves her husband and wants him to take his career as far as it can possibly go. Since she felt like she could help him do that, she was going to jump into the driver’s seat without asking. Like we said, it’s Tamar.

    In practice, we needed Tamar to work on her whole business approach. Her mind is always on her money when it comes to her client. Vince initially agreed to let Tamar manage, but her OverTheTop.com attitude, forced him to rethink that whole decision.

    Her behavior at dinner actually caused him to get up from the table!

    Down in Atlanta, Trina was celebrating a major milestone as she graduated from college. Being the first Braxton girl to graduate from school should have been a happy occasion, but Trina was feeling a bit abandoned.

    Her sisters couldn’t be there for the ceremony, and she wasn’t sure whether her dad would show up. It wouldn’t be the first time he failed to show up for her big day.

    "My wedding day was a big let down to me because my father never walked me down the aisle to give me away," Trina shared. "To this day, it still breaks my heart and today feels a lot like that day."

    Thankfully, her dad pulled off a big surprise for his little girl, and we finally found out Papa Braxton’s real name! Michael Braxton Sr. almost didn’t make it. A bigger surprise was that Evelyn didn’t punch him in the face. She kept herself under control.

    Or as Trina put it: "trying to keep it cute and put it on mute."


    Things sort of came to a head at Trina’s graduation party because the drinks were flowing. Apparently, Trina’s a flirty drunk and that didn’t sit too well with Gabe when he saw her cozying up to one of her band members.

    Gabe doesn’t really trust her because of that flirtatious friendship, but Trina let it slip that she suspects that he might be having his own emotional affair.

    That wasn’t the only fight, though!

    Over in Los Angeles, Toni’s decision to drop Vince as her manager ignited Tamar’s temper.

    Toni seemed to be feeling a little crowded by her family. She was with her sisters at home. She was working with her brother-in-law and she was taping with the whole family! It was all a bit too much for Toni.

    That meant Tamar was in a tough spot. But for the second time in one episode, Tamar ran someone off from the dinner table!





    —Sonya Eskridge




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