Daily Buzz 12.16.11

    Obamas take new family photo

    The members of the first family gathered together to update their family photo just in time for Christmas.

    With Sasha and Malia growing up so quickly it was high time to re-do the Obama family portrait. The close-knit clan coordinated outfits for the shot, which you can check out below!


    Chris Brown hits the slopes in new video

    Chris Brown’s playing in the snow! No seriously. The singer hits the ski chalet for his flirty new music video "Strip."

    Although Chris has surrounded himself with a bunch of beauties in every shade, he’s having a hard time picking which one he’ll take back to his room. The singer is an equal opportunity dater, though, and spends most of the video shirtless.


    First look: ‘Rock of Ages’

    Big hair! Bright lights! Glittery clothes! Mary J. Blige has it all in the trailer for Rock of Ages.

    It seems the studio decided to go with a slightly different look for Mary’s character,  Justice Charlier, than initial cast shots depicted. The cornrows have been unfurled into a head full of curls.


    ‘Ghost Rider 2′ trailer released

    Idris Elba needs a little help saving the world from the Antichrist in the trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

    The British actor plays a motorcycle-riding character named Moreau who is trying to keep the devil from walking the earth, but he can’t accomplish his mission alone.



    Teaser: ‘The Expendables 2′

    Terry Crews is ready to open a can of whoop-a$$ in the new trailer for the upcoming action flick, The Expendables 2.

    The plot of the movie isn’t clear from this trailer, but we do know that it’s going to be shoot-em-up starring some of your favorite action stars!


    —Sonya Eskridge


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