Janet Jackson repping Nutrisystem

    It pays to stay in shape for Janet Jackson now that she’s repping Nutrisystem.

    It’s no secret that Janet has been fighting a battle of the bulge for years. Whether she’s caught outside in sweats at her heaviest or feverishly working out to trim down, her body’s fluctuating weight has been well documented by the media.

    When she finally achieves the look she wants, Janet is on magazine covers all over the newsstand. Now the "Make Me" singer has a corporate sponsor in her mission to stay in shape!

    Nutrisystem recently announced that Janet will be the diet brand’s new spokesperson. Janet hopes to show potential customers that no matter how big of a problem their weight has been, they can keep it under control with the right regimen of diet and exercise.

    "I’ve always felt that my true calling is to help other people," Janet told "Access Hollywood" recently. "I’ve been very thankful to be able to do that. That’s what I really feel God put me on this earth to do. Now I’m taking it to the next level with Nutrisystem."

    Janet said the CEO of Nutrisystem was inspired to reach out to her about a deal after reading her book True You, in which she shares details of her fight to stay fit.

    "He was taken aback by how honest—this is what he told me—how honest I was in the book," Janet explained, "seeing that [weight] was a struggle all of my life."

    Janet also discusses how her body image has shifted over the years. Janet shared that aside from having a problem with her weight, she also developed at a very young age, prompting wardrobe stylists for "Good Times" to bind her chest.

    She remembers thinking "immediately that I wasn’t good enough the way I am. That something’s wrong with the way that I look as I am." 





    —Sonya Eskridge




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