Waka Flocka Flame talks friends, fans and family

    While on the set recording the video for Infrared Entertainment artist T’Melle’s song “Go To War” S2S got a chance to catch up with rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who is featured on the sexy hood anthem. “He’s the #1 rapper in the south right now” said video director Gabriel Hart.
    His sophomore album, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans and Family, has spawned a naughty single that has become a theme song in strip clubs around the country–and a way of life in Atlanta where the rapper resides. “Round of Applause” is a celebration of dancers, the tricks they perform, and the men who pay top dollar to see it all go down.

    “When that song comes on they feel so much like a lady. And they can be so bad at the same time, so I like it” said Waka.
    Although this song may not be for everyone, some of the people that do like it would surprise you. The rapper told S2S, “I remember I was in a fast food restaurant parking lot and a lady—an old lady—was like ‘Hey Waka Flocka! I love your new song ‘Round of Applause.’ It just make me feel like I’m 20 again. I swear.’” Not sure how to respond, Waka told the fan, “Alright now. I’m grown.”
    Despite the success of the first single, which was later remixed with powerhouse rapper Drake, Waka delayed the album’s release. “I was going to drop it fourth quarter but changed my mind," he explained. "Gonna drop it first quarter so I can put more effort into it. More so not for the money, but for the people, and the music in the end.”

    The rapper wants to try a different approach to his music, but he won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. “If I tell you then somebody else gonna do it. They already on the last sound," he teased.
    Waka, whose real name is Juaquin Malphurs, has been busy building his new label Brick Squad Monopoly. He’s also been fielding offers to start a clothing line and make his acting debut.

    “I’m examining some offers. They always been coming, I never took them. I never got the right one," he revealed. When asked about his acting experience, Waka explained, “I act every day around people I know I don’t even like being around. That’s like the best class I could ever get.” He went on to say “I know I could do it. It’s just for the people to give me their opinion and hope that it’s the same as mine.”
    Be sure to check out Waka in the “Go To War” video, which hits the airwaves in January.



    —Stephanie Dayton




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