Jackie Christie: ‘I forgive all parties involved’

    Most would agree that Jackie Christie’s image took a hit as a result of her portrayal on “Basketball Wives: LA,” but the self-proclaimed First Lady of the NBA isn’t blaming her co-stars.

    “I had fun doing the show and I forgive all parties involved really,” she told VH1 Access. “I felt like it was a great show going in because the girls all brought something different to it.”

    From Laura Govan’s hilarious one-liners to Draya Michele’s reported run-ins with the law, it is true that every woman had something unique to offer. However, in the case of Jackie, it seemed drama was her main contribution.

    While her co-stars first saw her as a mentor and confidante, by the end of season 1, they’d literally voted her off the island of Hawaii and collectively broken up with her; but Jackie remains unfazed.

    “[I’ve] been getting hated on my whole life either for my looks, my home, my life, the fact that boys liked me or whatever, and I’m not really trying to figure it out,” said Jackie, who isn’t concerned about what the public thinks either.

    "Who really cares about the haters’ comments? They tuned in and watched, so if they still feel disgruntled about our show, so be it. [I] wish them nothing but joy," she said.

    Although fans of the show have been very critical of Jackie, she is reportedly the only castmember who has already signed on for season 2, which may pick up right where season 1 left off with tension between Jackie and her co-stars.

    “Absolutely not,” she responded when asked if their issues have been resolved. “I let my disappointment and anger go [a] long time ago. I do not harbor negative feelings for any of them. I will say, I do pray for them to be happy,” said Jackie, who wasn’t quite so gracious when the ladies first confronted her in Hawaii.

    “All I could think about was seeing them stripped naked and getting 10 lashes each with a whip,” she said, before clarifying that she was just joking.

    Despite all the drama, Jackie said she wouldn’t change much about season 1, except maybe her appearance.

    “I probably would curse less, and I would have not put on the weight and dressed that way,” she said.

    One thing Jackie definitely doesn’t regret is the way her strong marriage to hubby Doug Christie was portrayed on the show. The two are now planning their 17th wedding ceremony.

    “I want to get married at Gay Pride next time with other couples and same-sex couples as I have such a love for all people no matter gay, bisexual, heterosexual. So I really want to do it there next time,” she said.



    —Tracy L. Scott



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