‘RHOA’ recap: 12.19.11

    Both Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak were moving on to something new on Sunday’s "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

    Kandi works magic in the studio. This we know! But her partner Don Juan wants Kandi to take a different approach to the business of music moving forward. Basically he doesn’t want Kandi working with her friends  as favors to them.

    He doesn’t want Kandi tarnishing her musical brand by making songs for less talented singers (read: Kim). He especially doesn’t want her doing work for people who mess around with their money. Although natural ability is factor, Don definitely has his eye on the bottom line.

    Don thinks a good way for Kandi to build up her studio-related income would be to branch out.  That doesn’t sound like a bad idea to Kandi, who decides that it’s time to go county.

    "It’s the farthest thing from anything I’ve been working on" Kandi explained before rattling off a list of artist she’d like to work with. While Rascal Flatts, Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks and Carrie Underwood all make her wish list, she hooks up with Jo Dee Messina.

    We think Jo Dee, who sang the country hit "Burn," is a good match up for Kandi. We can’t wait to see what they create.

    Kim, who once dreamed of being a country singer, was moving into her dream home. With a new baby and boyfriend, the socialite thought that it was time to get a bigger home. She didn’t want to wait, though, she wanted to move right now! And the house better be ready when she walks through the door!

    Before we go any further, we have to ask: What is Kim’s problem?! Were we the only ones to catch the hint of attitude that she got with the interior decorator?

    People have a right to want what they want, but she demanded a team of movers and decorators to have everything done in a day. The whole thing had her coming off even more entitled than she normally is!

    She’s always acted a little spoiled, mainly because nearly everyone around her caters to her. This season she’s kicked it up a notch, though. It’s getting really old. She’s beginning to strike us as the type that can’t enjoy the blessings of the present without complaining about the drama of the past.

    On the flip side, the mini-trip down memory lane was nice.

    Meanwhile, Cynthia Bailey was working on making new memories with the opening of The Bailey Agency! But she didn’t get to her big night without a few hitches. For example, there was a problem with the programs, and when Cynthia asked for Peter’s help, he acted like a stubborn old goat. That’s the best way to describe it.

    We were not feeling Peter’s attitude last night—especially that mess about needing Cynthia to fall on her face so she knows what not to do. That just seems like the completely wrong mind set. Cynthia’s trying to make something happen for herself, and support from her husband is essential.

    We expected him to at least show her the same support that she’s shown him. We’re not trying to name any specific situations, but she did offer to give him $40,000 for his new lounge. Just saying.

    Fortunately, things with Cynthia’s grand opening bash fell together and it looked like a good night was about to be had by all. But, yet again, here comes drama!

    If it wasn’t Kandi trying to get to the bottom of Marlo Hampton’s fortune it was Kim’s attitude, which went into overdrive when NeNe Leakes showed up for the party.

    Aside from Cynthia’s party, NeNe was MIA for most of the episode, save for a talk with her oldest son about safe sex. Unlike the opening of Bar One, NeNe arrived well before the tail end of the evening, and she steered clear of drama.

    Kim, on the other hand, was getting ready for a confrontation because she thought NeNe was going to walk up to her and start a fight. Obviously, that didn’t happen because it looks like NeNe was more interested in talking to people that she would have fun with.

    Kandi was still very curious as to how Marlo raked in so much cash: did she earn it through hard work and talent, or has she been the benefactor of a few "Big Poppa" situations.

    After some prodding, Marlo admitted that she dated well and knew how to hold onto money. We’re not sure what you’d call that, but it sounds like she was a professional girlfriend. Is that even a career?

    There was an odd side effect to the conversation, though. Every time anyone said the phrase "Big Poppa" Kim got more and more irritated. Why? It sort of threw her past back in her face while she was with Kroy. Kim didn’t appreciate that, so she ran off. NeNe had a LOT of fun chuckling about that.

    Kim’s hasty retreat was simply the first disappearing act of the night. When it came time to toast The Bailey Agency, Peter was nowhere to be found! We’re not sure why he would have left, but it would have been a good idea for him to tell Cynthia before she shouted him out onstage!

    The only one who didn’t draw out any foolishness was Phaedra Parks who had to cut Sheree Whitfield as a client. That was the smartest thing we saw happen on Sunday.

    —Sonya Eskridge



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