Sanaa Lathan flirting with Kobe Bryant?

    Sanaa Lathan is denying claims that she threw herself at a newly single Kobe Bryant last week.

    Kobe and his wife Vanessa Bryant have called it quits on their marriage, but was Sanaa going for a rebound with the Los Angeles Lakers’ star player?

    According to the New York Daily News, Sanaa made it a point to get up close and personal with Kobe at a Watch the Throne concert they both attended last week.

    A witness said that Sanaa was with one of her girlfriends while Kobe attended the show with teammate Matt Barnes. Kobe and Sanaa were seated at couches next to each other in the VIP section of the audience, but they eventually wound up standing together.

    Apparently, that’s when Sanaa started working it. The actress was reportedly whispering in his ear and stroking his face. "It seemed a pretty intimate gesture," said the witness who noticed that Sanaa had been sipping champagne all night. The NBA player stuck to soda.

    Supposedly Sanaa just got more flirtatious from there as she reportedly began whipping her hair and shaking her booty right in front of Kobe. None of that attention, though, seemed to lift Kobe’s spirits because he appeared "moody" and "down" the whole evening.

    For her part, Sanaa said that she definitely was not trying to holler at Kobe. She was just having a good time. "Can a girl have some fun at a jayz/kanye concert w/out being linked 2 a breakup? I AM NOT, NEVER HAVE BEEN, INVOVLED W/KOBE IN ANY WAY," she tweeted this morning.

    She added that she believes such advances—had she been making a play for the baller—would have been lost on Kobe. "Anybody who pays attention knows I’m not his type… Blank stare. #blackgirlsrock #dontbelievethelies," she tweeted.

    This comes just days after it was revealed that Vanessa Bryant has filed for divorce from Kobe after more than 10 years of marriage. According to, she cited "irreconcilable differences" in court documents.

    While Vanessa remained with Kobe throughout his sex scandal in 2003, it’s been reported that she decided to leave after learning of at least one other affair when she caught him in the act.

    "She’s been dealing with these incidents for a long time and has been a faithful wife, but she’s finally had enough," an anonymous insider said. "This one is the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

    Vanessa is seeking joint custody of their daughters and spousal support in the split. A final settlement is expected next year.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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