Ex-manager suing India.Arie

    According to India.Arie’s former manager, the singer could stand to read a few pages of Tyrese’s book Get Out of Your Own Way.

    The songstress is being sued by Noreen Nalli, who’s asserting that India sabotaged her own career, and Noreen’s, by being unreliable and unprofessional, TMZ reports.

    After serving as India’s manager for four years, Noreen was suddenly fired in 2009. While she claims India still owes her money, the singer has countersued asserting that she overpaid Noreen.

    During her time as India’s manager, Noreen contends that the two could have made a lot more money if the “I Am Not My Hair” artist hadn’t constantly cancelled performances and turned down jobs.

    While some stars, such as Grammy winner Lauryn Hill, have a reputation for cancelling shows and making fans wait hours for her to perform, India isn’t known for disappointing her audience.

    However, in 2009, the singer was advised to cancel a few shows due to an ear and throat infection, according to her website.

    India’s reps didn’t have much to say about the lawsuit.

    “She remains hopeful that the matter will be resolved amicably,” TMZ quotes.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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