Michelle Obama criticized for spending

    Is First Lady Michelle Obama an out-of-control spend-a-holic? That’s what a new report, from gossip rag The National Enquirer, suggests.
    “The first fashionista secretly splurged on pricey jewelry before the family’s annual holiday vacation in Hawaii, which will cost taxpayers a whopping $3.2 million in airfare alone!” exclaims one line from the story, which appears in the tabloid’s latest edition.

    But there’s more.

    The president, none too pleased, “begged” his wife to cancel the trip—in favor of a more modestly-priced Camp David getaway—and cut back on spending but Mrs. O refused, according to the publication.

    “Michelle said there was ‘no way’ she was going to disap­point their daughters Sasha and Malia and call off the Hawaii trip,” an anonymous source told the Enquirer.  

    Now, as far as facts go, there doesn’t seem to be much to back up the “jewelry splurge” claim. But the cost of the Obamas’ annual Hawaii holiday trip has managed to make more headlines—among reputable sources— than usual this year.

    The Obamas have vacationed in Hawaii, the president’s birthplace, for the last four years. But with a price tag of almost $4 million, this year’s trip, which is set to last 17 days, is indeed the priciest, according to the Hawaiian Reporter, due to the president’s separate arrival, and the family’s extended stay.
    The First Family, minus the president who is staying behind to hammer out lingering issues with Congress, landed on the Hawaiian island of Oahu this past weekend. According to the Reporter, travel alone will cost taxpayers a whopping $3,629,622 and local tax payers will be footing the bill (at least $260,000) for extra police and ambulance support for President Obama during his visit.
    The Obamas will, however, be paying for their own housing, a beachfront rental in Kailua. And, in terms of other presidential vacays, the costs for this trip are “in line,” a White House spokesperson told the Reporter.
    See a breakdown of the vacation costs.



    —Hortense Barber

    What do you think? Should the Obamas quit visiting Hawaii so much, or is this just another ploy to throw shade at the First Family? Leave your comments below.



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