Is Sheree Whitfield broke?

    Sheree Whitfield addressed rumors that she once had her car repossessed and had to sell her house for financial reasons.

    The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star dropped by Power 105.1 in New York to clarify things and told her side of what really happened.

    “My car was seized. That means it was paid in full,” she said about the Aston Martin she once owned. According to Sheree, the situation stemmed from her dealings with a disgruntled lawyer.

    “My attorney fees are almost $300,000. So, I stopped paying my attorney,” she said, explaining that her lawyer then took the car.

    As far as her home is concerned, Sheree said selling her house was a sound financial decision.

    “I’d been renting a place, paying $5,000/month. To me, it makes more sense to downsize and use that money to put into my house that I’m building,” she said.

    Sheree has caught some flak for hauling her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, into court for child support when she is building a home that’s been referred to as "Chateau Sheree."

    Although she seems to live a somewhat extravagant lifestyle, Sheree said it’s not all about money, and she might entertain the idea of dating someone who earned much less money than she does.

    “I haven’t been approached by that person. The thing is, I like to go out. I like to eat out. I like to travel. You don’t have to make millions, but you need to be ok. You need to be secure with yourself,” she said.

    While some people question how Sheree could have married her ex, who one DJ referred to as a “cross-eyed gorilla,” she said it was his charm that attracted her.

    “I’ve never been big on looks. I like how somebody treats me. I like their personality,” she said about the former NFL player. “He was funny.”

    Although she doesn’t seem to be asking for much when it comes to love, Sheree isn’t dating anyone seriously now.

    “I’m out there, and no one special. I’m doing my thing, enjoying life,” she said.

    Sheree also talks about her track, “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo,” and NeNe’s “very rich” status. Watch.




    —Tracy L. Scott



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