Deiondra Sanders goes in on Pilar

    Deiondra Sanders, the 19-year-old daughter of NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, spoke out in defense of her father who is in the middle of a messy split from his wife Pilar Sanders.

    She let it all out on a recent Twitter rant. Deiondra began her rant with “LIES! LIES! ALL PILAR DO IS LIE!! wait till i leave this office.”

    Although it is clear Deiondra has rage over the reports that came out on TMZ, suggesting that Pilar first learned that she was divorcing Deion through Web reports, Deiondra first apologized to her father for the things that she was about to make public. Apparently, Deiondra is tired of sitting back with tight lips and has come to a breaking point.

    Deiondra initially told the Twitter world how great her father has been to Pilar for more than 10 years. She then started a trending topic “#HOWYOUDIDNTKNOW”, since Pilar came out saying she found out about the divorce on TMZ. From the pictures posted to ensure the world Pilar has known about this divorce for a while now to the tweets about searching for a new place to stay, Deiondra held nothing back.
    Deiondra didn’t just have a problem with Pilar who claims she was surprised by the divorce announcement, but she is also upset with Pilar’s family values.

    When Pilar’s lawyer stated, “Pilar’s sole focus and top priority for the last 12.5 years has been her marriage and children,” the statement on TMZ really got Deiondra in a frenzy because she strongly disagreed and started another topic: “#HowYoTopPriorityBeen”.

    Deiondra disagrees with her lifestyle of flying all over the United States for periods of time, her partying ways or hosting career, while her kids are at home. Deiondra tweeted, “my sister turned 8 December 14th i COULDN’T even take her spa day for her birthday she told me "my mommy wont allow me to go wit u" ON BIBLE.”

    The Sanders family appears to be disconnected, and Deiondra wanted to set the record straight on Twitter. She doesn’t want to hear false remarks about her father, and she will continue to stick up for him. Her last words in the rant were, “maybe next time u will actually chase yo marriage and not yo dream of fame *DROPS MIC* WALKS OFF”!

    Yesterday, TMZ reported that Pilar Sanders, “Football Wives” star, said she didn’t know about her own divorce with husband Deion until checking the TMZ website. Pilar’s lawyer, Larry Friedman stated that Pilar was “heartbroken and surprised” over the announcement of the divorce.



    See a few of Deiondra’s tweets below.

    —Gianna Banner


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