Tasha Smith talks ‘For Better or Worse’

    In her new sitcom, “For Better or Worse,” actress Tasha Smith portrays a wife of 13 years, but the reality is that she’s a newlywed who’s yet to see half the drama her character Angela has.

    While that might be a challenge for some new brides, Tasha meets the challenge with ease, and she spoke to Loop21.com about the difference between her onscreen persona and her real-life personality.

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    Q: What is the best part about playing Angela?
    A: I’ve got to tell you–I think I’m having more fun playing Angela for television than I do for movies because we get a chance to show different dimensions of the characters. It’s not like oh, we’re just in and out or being the comedy relief for the film. Now, we get to sit in the humanity more and sit in the everyday life of this woman. I just love it!

    Q: Has any of the feedback from fans or critics surprised you?
    A: It’s funny because some people would say prior to the show coming on that they hope that Angela isn’t yelling and screaming through the whole show…and now people are like well she ain’t crunk enough. When she gon’ get crazy? First people say one thing, and you think you’re giving them that but then they complain.

    Q: Are there any similarities between your on-screen marriage and the one you have with your husband Keith Douglas?
    A: Listen, first of all, heck no! Thank God! The stuff that Angela and Marcus are going through, I guess that’s 13 year marriage stuff. Thank God me as a newlywed, I’m not going through any of that. I’m not sure how anyone could survive that kind of stuff in the first year of marriage.

    Q: After being married for a year, what advice would you give to newlyweds?
    A: Well, one you have to make time for family regardless of how busy your career is. You got to make family time and be real specific about it. When I’m home I try to cook as much as I can for my husband. I try to spend quality time with him when I’m not working because you know there’s going to come a time when it’s really busy and you can’t cook everyday. But when you can, you do it. Communication, of course, is a must; and patience, and forgiveness, and to not sweat the small stuff. Life is too short. You can’t sweat the small stuff in a marriage. …People get so caught up in the little things and they just miss it.

    For more from Tasha Smith check out the entire interview here.

    —Joi-Marie McKenzie | reprinted with permission from Loop21.com


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