Tami Roman getting her own show?

    Tami Roman is a bona fide reality star, but that’s not to suggest she doesn’t see where the genre has gone off course a bit. From damaging friendships to reinforcing negative stereotypes, she offers Sister 2 Sister her insight on how shows, like “Basketball Wives,” affect people’s real lives.

    So maybe a new venture, like her own reality series, will help Tami turn the tide and offer a more positive image of Black women to TV. Is that something she’d consider? Find out.


    Tracy: NeNe Leakes said reality shows ruin relationships. As a reality TV star, what’s your take on this?
    Tami: I think there is a bit of truth to that in the sense that reality shows serve as a mirror. You are watching your life play out with your family and friends. All of a sudden you start to view things differently. You find elements of yourself that may need to be addressed and sometimes you see things in other people that you never noticed before. It brings everything to the forefront.

    Tracy: Was there a physical altercation between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams?  
    Tami: No comment

    Tracy: Does all the reality show violence affect the youth? Is this a demonstration of how people should act?
    Tami: I don’t view reality TV as anything but entertainment. Certainly, I don’t use it as a teaching tool for my children, so it is never used as a frame of reference. My daughters have been raised to the best of my ability. I have beautiful, articulate, bilingual honor roll students. I am very proud of the way my kids turned out (chuckles). Now to be clear, I don’t condone violence and am not proud that I’ve gotten physical with some of the ladies on “Basketball Wives.” However, I do teach my daughters to stand up for themselves and if someone gets physical with them…well, my girl Chanita Foster said it best…"You are Christian, not a punk!"

    Tracy: Who are you closest with in season 4?
    Tami: People will see a lot if interaction between me and Evelyn this season. It’s sheer comedy! Although, I’m always going to be cool with Royce [Reed].

    Tracy: What’s different about season 4 that we’ve not seen in previous seasons?
    Tami: They are giving you a little more of our personal lives. Royce is doing theater, Evelyn is preparing for her wedding and I am working on several ventures-helping my daughters with their music and I plan on launching my hairline on the show.

    Tracy: How is your acting career progressing?
    Tami: It’s coming along. I am actually doing more producing than acting right now though. My short film The Tombs just got a Black Reel Award nomination and has played in some of the top film festivals. I am gearing up to produce another short film and a feature that I plan on shooting in Haiti called The Promise Keeper. There is also talk of me having my own show in some capacity-either as a host or a reality show following me and my daughters, as they pursue their musical aspirations. Although, I’m taking all calls from Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels or Dick Wolfe. LOL. I need to be Madea’s crazy cousin or something.


    Tami answers your questions and offers advice in the February 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    —Tracy L. Scott



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