Jennifer Hudson ‘not telling’ about wedding

    Jennifer Hudson is still determined to keep some details of her big day—like the date—a secret.

    After years of planning, and rumors of a split, Jennifer will finally open up a little more about the upcoming nuptials to fiance David Otunga during her sitdown on "Dateline," airing this Sunday at 8 p.m on NBC.

    "Oh, we’ve set the date. We’re just not telling. … No, not telling. Some things you keep to yourself," she told Lester Holt.

    Jen’s not quite as secretive about the only thing everyone cares about: The dress! The "No One Gonna Love You" diva dished about the production she’ll be wearing down the aisle.

    "It’s a show. It has three pieces to it. I designed it myself," Jen gushed about her gown, which has several layers. "It has a coat for the entrance, and then, when I get ready to walk, you take that part off. And then it’s another dress. And then, by the time I get to the altar, it’s a whole new dress."

    J.Hud wanted her dress to be as special as her hubby-to-be. He might have a rough-and-tumble job with World Wrestling Entertainment, but there’s more to him than that.   

    "[He has] a sweet romantic side, too," she said of David’s proposal. "He’s very old-fashioned. Something he proved in August 2008 when he took the opportunity to ask my mom for, you know, permission to propose. And she gave her blessing."

    Jen’s mom’s confidence was well placed as he actually wound up saving Jen’s life the night her family was murdered in Chicago. Had it not been for one fateful phone call, she wouldn’t be alive today.

    "I remember it like yesterday. And I was literally pickin’ up my bags to walk out the door to go to my mother’s house," Jen recalled. "He called me, like, ‘Can you come out here instead of going, you know?’ And I was like, ‘Okay, sure.’ And that one decision, that one thing, I wouldn’t be sittin’ here."




    —Sonya Eskridge




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