‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 1.3.12


    Chrissy Lampkin finally got her engagement ring on the latest episode of "Love  & Hip Hop."

    Chrissy has been at her wits end trying to get her boo Jim Jones to take their relationship to the next level.  She proposed, she replaced his engagement ring, and she got her uncle to talk to him about settling down. But Jim still seemed to be dragging his feet!

    What more could she possibly do to get her relationship out of park and into the fast lane?!

    After last week’s stunt of getting a new, white car (on a bet!), it looked like Chrissy was really ready to leave.  Of course she loves Jim; of course she wants to be with Jim, but if he wasn’t going to step up, she was thinking about walking out.

    Between relationship drama and problems with Yandy, it all got to be a little too much for Chrissy! Since the gentle approach was not working, she decided that it was time for her to get a little space.


    Meanwhile, Yandy was also thinking about cutting some ties of her own as she’s also been very bothered by her friction with Chrissy. All of it seems to hinge on her giving Chrissy a book on how to be a better daughter-in-law before their falling out.

    Although Yandy was just trying to help Chrissy get along with Mama Jones, it seems she crossed a major line with Jim’s family. Sure, Yandy might consider him her brother, but you know she messed up when Mama Jones is siding with Chrissy on this issue!

    Beyond that, Yandy kind of let personal problems get in the way of making money for Jim. Remember how she was giving him the silent treatment a few episodes back? If you recall, the resulted in him missing a gig and losing out on thousands of dollars.

    Despite her missteps, she is trying to correct the situations and seeing what she can do to smooth things over. Unfortunately, it seems that no one is really interested in mending fences with her.

    Regardless of what’s going on in the background, getting checks should be top priority for Yandy when it comes to her clients. The conflict has gotten so bad that Yandy is ready to give up on Jim.

    But before for she officially cuts him from her roster, she decided to talk things over with her other brother/client, Juelz Santana.

    It didn’t take Yandy quite as long to cut Erica Mena from her client roster.

    After the stunts she’s pulled, including starting a fight with Kimbella, Yandy’s dropped her like a hot potato. But at least she’s trying to position Erica to land on Rich Dollaz’s plate.

    Rich is already having problems getting Olivia’s career off the ground again, but  he may have to put in a lot more work to sell Erica as an artist. Why? Her vocal game is "not good."

    Back with Chrissy, she’s decided to get some space from Jim by heading to Miami with Emily Bustamente, Olivia and Teairra Mari. A little time being grown and sexy in South Beach seemed like just the thing for Chrissy, who admitted that it actually felt good to wake up by herself.

    Although, she is enjoying the breathing room, she knows she’s going to start to miss Jim if she stays away too long. Almost as if on cue, Jim shows up and pulls Chrissy off to the side like he’s got a problem with her.

    First, she’s surprised to see him in Miami. Second, she’s got a problem with his attitude and she’s gonna let him know it. Before she can get herself in too much more trouble, Jim shuts her up so that he can propose.

    He didn’t get on his knee, but surprising her in Miami with a huge engagement ring was "priceless."





    —Sonya Eskridge



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