Deion Sanders: ‘Pilar and I are cool’

    Mr. "Prime Time,” Deion Sanders, finally spoke out about his headlining divorce and all the details reported about the messy situation, and from the jump he wanted to make one thing clear: “I’m not the authorizer of drama,” Deion told DeDe McGuire at K104 radio in Dallas.

    With his name, his estranged wife Pilar, and his children recently in the media, Deion gave a glimpse of his frustrations through the morning interview.

    “I apologize for my daughter. She loves her father. And she felt like I was being abused and misused…but unfortunately it really magnified the whole situation,” said Deion in reference to his daughter Deiondra’s Twitter posts that showed disgust for Pilar who previously suggested she didn’t know her marriage was ending until she read about it in the media.

    Although his daughter expressed dislike for Pilar on the social network, Deion said he and his soon-to-be ex are on good terms.

    “Pilar and I are cool!” he said. 

    With all the false rumors in the news—such as the accusations that Deion has been with a 19-year-old girl—he explained that he and Pilar are in fact living under the same roof.

    “If it was as ignorant as people would speculate, there’s no way two people could be compatible. I see her every morning, and say ‘what’s up?’” he said.

    Despite his children’s comments, Deion was passionate in clarifying that he doesn’t want anything bad said about Pilar and doesn’t want her name being slandered like his.

    However, Deion does not appear to be a fan of Pilar’s attorney, Larry Friedman. “We know who’s leaking the stuff,” said Deion who doesn’t believe reports that Pilar wants to reconcile with him.

    After all the drama of this split, will Deion marry again? He said he’s unsure about another marriage after his second divorce.

    “Personally I feel like I failed,” said Deion who is going to focus on other tasks, like his organization called Prime U that helps kids and athletes reach success.

    “I’m not going to give up on anything, but I’m going to chill for a minute,” he said.


    Hear more of the interview below.


    —Gianna Banner



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