Michael Ealy talks reality shows and Halle

    It’s not that big of a surprise that some actresses may feel some type of way about reality stars, such as Kim Kardashian or NeNe Leakes, landing roles in movies and TV shows.

    Although actors like Michael Ealy don’t have much to worry about, since there’s no “Real Househusbands” reality franchise, the For Colored Girls actor does have strong feelings about the genre.

    “What bothers me the most about reality shows is the content itself. I think it’s disturbing. I don’t think it’s contributing to the betterment of society in any way. People like to see a train wreck,” said Michael, who worries that young viewers will think “the way to resolve a problem is to grab somebody’s head and start fighting.”

    However, his criticism seemed a bit hypocritical to at least one DJ of the Power 105.1 morning crew, who challenged Michael about his portrayal of an abusive man—who dropped two babies from a window—in Colored Girls.

    “I understand that it’s a movie and it doesn’t necessarily contribute to the betterment of the society… I think it also depends on how you look at it,” he said, explaining that the character he played was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. “It’s an epidemic,” he added.

    In contrast, Michael said the issues that have reality stars throwing ‘bows are less valid.

    “Think about what they’re fighting about. For Colored Girls, we were dealing with a much bigger, more relevant and important issue,” he said, before taking another jab at reality stars.

    “They’re juvenile. They’re grown adults acting like they’re in high school,” he said.

    While it’s doubtful Michael will be offering to take Jennifer Williams or Sheree Whitfield on a date, he had nothing but good things to say about his ex, Halle Berry.

    “She’s a good friend of mine. So, I never felt like she was crazy, not once,” said Michael, who wouldn’t mind a marriage like his parents’ 43-year union, if he ever finds the right woman.

    What else did Ealy have to say about his dating life? Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott




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