‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 1.6.12

    Tamar one-liner: "My nerves are on probation."

    Towanda and Tamar tangled while trying to put a performance together on "Braxton Family Values."

    There might be more in the way of getting a Braxtons album together than just Toni’s hesitation. This week the sisters were booked to do a show for the executives of WE tv, and it was a roller coaster from beginning to end.

    First the sisters had to decide what they would sing. Of course Tamar didn’t want to do anything outdated because she doesn’t want to look old. However, the ladies had to pick song that they could pull off in a matter of just three days.

    That’s short notice to pick a song, rehearse vocals, learn choreography, find costumes and rehearse the whole shebang! Let’s not forget that the fact that Traci doesn’t perform as much as the others do.

    Fortunately the sisters were able to pick song rather quickly, opting to do their ’90s hit "The Boss."

    It’s just everything else that gave them trouble. Almost from the word "go," Tamar was looking at Traci’s level of skill as a hinderance and quickly lost her patience with her sister. The thing to consider is that if Tamar had just given Traci the few extra minutes she needed to do her scales, instead of loudly interrupting, it could have saved them some time.

    For someone that complained about not having any time, Tamar should have seen that their time would have been better spent warming up. Was it at all productive to halt rehearsal just for one of her temper tantrums? Not really!

    Vocal coach Terrance Lee Jones had to tell Tamar about herself, but she was not willing to listen.

    That only caused problems later during dance rehearsal when a fight broke about Towanda’s decision to fly home to see her son off for his first day of school. It was a major milestone that she did not intend to miss.

    Tamar had a problem with that and raised he!!, yet again bringing progress to a screeching halt! That’s when Towanda hurled the pretty hurtful accusation that Tamar’s attitude is what has hindered her musical success.

    Let the sisters tell it, being a Braxton isn’t easy. They feel that Tamar is hard to work with—even for them—and they love her! Can you imagine what it would be like for people that aren’t in her family?

    Tamar is never one to stay where she is not welcome, and true to form, she stormed out of practice.

    Towanda wound up sticking around the next morning to rehearse because Trina found  a diplomatic way to ask her to compromise. They worked out a schedule that would allow Towanda to stick around and rehearse a little longer while still allowing her to be there for her son’s first day of school.

    Meanwhile, Tamar was more interested in getting an apology than practicing. She wasn’t about to get to work until someone said they were sorry. When she didn’t get it immediately she walked out again. It took some cajoling and a call from Vince to get her back into the studio again, but eventually they got to work.

    Toni, who was still in recovery from her surgery, had Terrence give her an update on her sister’s progress. The vocal coach gave her a full rundown of their progress, and he gave Toni a little of the blame for Tamar’s behavior.

    Notice though, that Toni definitely hit the nail on the head when she said Tamar would be perfectly happy being the lead singer and focus in a group. She may not want to do background vocals, but she got no problem having others back her up.


    Despite a few problems with wardrobe, the sisters pulled together a better-than-decent show for the bigwigs at WE tv.

    Momma E was excited to hear about the girls’ performance—particularly because it keeps them off the topic of her love life. She’s seeing Doc again, and he’s not wasting any opportunity to woo her back into spending some serious time with him.

    Although she seems a little hesitant, she admits that her admirer is wearing her down.

    —Sonya Eskridge

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