Chad Ochocinco: We’re ‘buffering’

    Chad Ochocinco is speaking out about claims that his wedding may have to wait.

    Earlier this week, rumors flew that Evelyn Lozada had halted wedding plans over suspicions that Chad might be cheating.

    While neither one of them had really said anything about the gossip initially, Chad did address S2S about the reports.

    The NFL baller tweeted us, stating, "We don’t pause around these parts it’s called ‘Buffering.’"

    "Buffering," for those who are not tech-savvy, is when a streaming video stops during play so that more footage can load. Once the video has loaded, the video keeps playing as if nothing had happened.

    From Chad’s comments, it sounds like planning may have halted momentarily but the big day is still very much in progress.

    Unfortunately, Chad didn’t comment on allegations that Evelyn is questioning his fidelty.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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