Date Night With Romeo

    Although we always have high hopes, a date with a man named Romeo just seems like it would be especially romantic. Romeo Miller gets it, and he delivers. In between acting auditions, meetings for his College Boyys clothing line and Urban Born nonprofit organization, the young entertainment mogul makes time for romance. Though he prefers hanging out in low-key settings, Romeo might sweep his date away at any moment. “I always say have a passport, because I may want to fly out somewhere. I like to live life as a fairytale when I find that person I have a connection with,” he revealed to S2S.

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    Sabrina: What should she wear to impress you?
    Romeo: I’m not too big on what she wears. It’s whatever she feels most beautiful in. But I always say if she has on heels, she should bring another pair of shoes just in case we go do something, because I’m a very adventurous person.

    Sabrina: Do you ever share your dancing skills with your dates?
    Romeo: After doing "Dancing With the Stars," I still don’t feel confident enough to go out dancing. I’m really, like, a homebody. I rarely go out to clubs.

    Sabrina: What are your dating pet peeves?
    Romeo: I understand I’m a celebrity, but when people jump to conclusions—that’s one of my pet peeves. The worst conversation you can bring up with me is something like, “I’m not like these other girls. I’m not like your fans.” Just be yourself; you don’t have to say what you’re not. We’ll find out as time goes.

    Would Romeo perform a massage on his date? Find out in the February 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    —Sabrina Parker


    See photos of Romeo with Kandi Burruss, Chris Brown and more!


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