Antwaun Cook bails out

    The father of Fantasia Barrino’s new son has found a new day job.

    It looks like Antwaun Cook has disconnected from his career as a T-Mobile salesman. According to, he’s now gone into business as a bail bondsman.

    With three kids by two different women, and an impending divorce settlement, his old salary may no longer cut it. The 24-hour service could prove to increase his income.

    Not only has Antwaun got a new job, he’s also self-employed after founding Free Yourself Bail Bonds, Inc. He appears to be angling for a family oriented image with the company website, featuring the motto "when GETTING BACK is the only thing that matters."

    His profile on boasts a catchier tagline "Call Cook to get you off the hook."

    "As a bail bondsman, it’s my passion to make sure my clients get back to those who matter most, jobs, and all the things they love to do," he states. "We truly believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty."

    Antwaun also promises to offer no personal judgements against his prospective clients.

    "Nobody is perfect, everyone has ups and downs, if you find yourself in a jam, call us to set you free," he said. "We are discreet, professional, and prompt, you will be treated with respect and courtesy no matter what the charge is."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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