Brandy talks ‘The Game’ and Kim K.

    Not only did Brandy once again dispute rumors that she avoided co-star Kim Kardashian during filming of The Marriage Counselor, but the singer offered her support to the reality star.

    “I miss my friendship with Kim. I really do, and I can’t wait to see her at the premiere and try to say something to her … tell her I love her and I’m here whenever she needs me,” Brandy told Wendy Williams.

    Brandy doesn’t deny that she and Kim didn’t keep company on the film’s set, but she said that wasn’t by design.

    “I never saw Kim because we didn’t have any scenes together, not because I cleared the way for her not to be around me,” said Brandy, who spoke directly to Kim from Wendy’s couch, saying, “Keep your chin up.”

    Brandy, whose recent return to acting includes a recurring role on last season’s “Drop Dead Diva,” the current season of "90210" and the upcoming season of BET’s “The Game,” offered some info on her character on the hit sitcom, Chardonnay.

    “She is a strong Black woman. She knows exactly what she wants. She’s feisty, sassy, and she has this dream, and that’s why she’s bartending and has her hustles on the side, just to get to that particular dream that will be revealed on the season,” Brandy said.

    However, fans of Brandy’s music shouldn’t be discouraged because she is working on a new album to be out in May.

    “I’m singing my heart out,” she said before expressing regret for ever releasing rap music.

    “It was a hobby. I was convinced to do it professionally, which I never should have listened to that advice,” she admitted.

    Season 5 of “The Game” premieres Tuesday, January 10, on BET.


    Watch a clip from the interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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