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    Nicki Minaj preps ‘Stupid Hoe’

    New year, new Nicki Minaj video! The lady lyricist was excited to reveal that her loyals can expect a video for "Stupid Hoe" soon.

    "Wait til u c da vid next wk!!!" she tweeted to a fan who complimened the thinly veiled diss song, which is the first single from her upcoming album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Play the track below!

    In other Nicki news, one church group remixed "Super Bass" with a more wholesome twist. Instead of going for a man who "might sell dope," these girls want a man that has a connection with the Lord.


    Preview: ‘The Voice’ season 2

    NBC is upping the ante for season 2 of its hit singing competition "The Voice." A preview of the new cycle reveals that each team will now have 12 members.

    "With us, there’s just this ever-changing atmosphere here," said coach Cee-Lo Green. "You don’t ever really know what to expect."

    "There’s no doubt that the talent level will be higher this year," Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine predicted.

    See if you agree when you check out the preview of season 2 below!



    Kandi Burruss offers financial advice

    “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss knows how to hustle, and she shares some of her know-how with fans.

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re making a lot of money if you don’t have good credit,” she said in a recent video.

    “I’m a firm believer of living below your means. … The first car I ever had was a BMW 325 that I bought, but I had been out on tour selling millions of albums before I ever bought my first car. I was still driving the old car that my mama had gave me in high school even though I had an album and hit songs on the radio.

    “The reason is because I didn’t want to just spend, spend, spend to put on an image for everybody else. … If I have a million dollars, and I’m two million dollars in debt, then I’m still not a millionaire,” she explained.

    Get more of Kandi’s advice below.


    Boyz II Men honored in Hollywood

    The men of Boyz II Men gathered in Hollywood last week to accept their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    “This is a great day,” said Shawn Stockman who thanked God for the group’s career while holding back his emotions.

    “This is probably one of the proudest days of my life,” Shawn said. “I can’t explain how happy I am. This is one of the happiest days of my life, and I thank all of our fans who we affectionately call them soldiers."

    Watch a clip of the event below.


    Queen Latifah talks Joyful Noise

    Actor, singer and executive Queen Latifah has been busy promoting her upcoming flick Joyful Noise, co-starring Dolly Parton and KeKe Palmer.

    However, she recently sat down with ABC News to talk more about where’s she’s been, not where’s she going.

    “I watched my mom and my dad work really hard. I got lucky and I fell into a group of kids in high school who all had big ideas. We all had big dreams,” Latifah said.

    It’s no secret that Latifah first hit the scene as a rapper, a background that the multitalented artist said has helped her in Hollywood.

    “It’s helped me with my acting career, that timing, that rhythm,” she said about her days as a lyricist.

    Watch more of the interview below.
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    Kelly Rowland disses dad?

    Fans of Kelly Rowland were likely expecting to hear news about how the singer’s holiday visit with her estranged father turned out; however, it seems the long-overdue reunion didn’t happen as planned.

    In a recent interview with London’s Evening Standard, the “X Factor” judge admitted that she hasn’t reconciled with her father yet.

    It’s unclear whether Kelly changed her mind about the reunion, or whether she will meet with him some time in the future.

    It’s likely the former Destiny’s Child singer has other things on her mind now that her BFF Beyoncé has given birth to her first child.

    “I won’t be jealous when Beyoncé’s baby arrives. I’ll just be just happy to pick her up and put her down again,” Kelly told the Standard shortly before the birth.


    Mayweather vs. Pacquiao still on

    When Floyd Mayweather was recently sentenced to 90 days for assault, many figured the highly anticipated rematch between him and Manny Pacquiao might have to wait.

    However, Floyd didn’t report to begin serving his sentence at the first of the year as first thought. Luckily for Floyd, the judge is allowing him to report to jail after his fight with Manny in May, according to TMZ.

    Lil Kim and Ray J reportedly showed up in court to support Floyd, who is now scheduled to begin his sentence June 1.

    While the freedom is likely appreciated, it remains to be seen how Floyd will perform in the ring, considering that he’ll be training with a jail sentence looming over his head.


    Monica and Brandy reunite?

    Is a “The Boy Is Mine” sequel on the way?

    Monica and Brandy tweeted photos of themselves together over the weekend, leading many fans to think (or hope) that the two will be putting out more music together.

    It’s been more than a decade since their hit song was released and climbed the charts.

    “We have Both [been] Blessed Beyond Measure.. 14years later.. #THETHELIGHTSON,” Monica wrote.

    See their photo below.



    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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