Cynthia Bailey defends her marriage

    More than a few naysayers consider Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’ marriage to be on shaky ground. A recent visit to a man of the cloth for marriage advice appeared as another indication that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star should have heeded her prenuptial doubts and not married the nightclub owner; but the newlywed is taking it all in stride.

    “People are not perfect, and most marriages are not perfect. I don’t want to change, or expect Peter to change. We are who we are. I just want us to be better than we are. We love each other and this is a fight worth fighting for,” Cynthia wrote in her blog.

    Peter offered what many would consider an ultimatum in a recent episode when she confronted him about leaving a special event for her business without informing her.

    “If you decide, a year down the road that… I made a mistake. This is not the person I really wanted to be with, then that’s the time to get off the train when you get to the next stop,” Peter told Cynthia.

    Although she said she was “hurt” and “pissed off” by his unexpected departure, Cynthia wasn’t too discouraged by his behavior or comments and reasoned that seeking advice is normal for any relationship.

    “I would recommend any married couple to consider marriage counseling. Any marriage can benefit from the spiritual support,” she said.

    Cynthia also took to Twitter to defend her husband. Check out her tweets below.


    Watch Peter and Cynthia with the pastor below.



    —Tracy L. Scott



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