‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 1.10.12

    Yandy Smith made peace between models just in time to land in another fight.

    Yandy was hoping to establish some sort of peace between Kimbella and Erica Mena.  We just want to know one thing, though: Why is Yandy still hanging out with Erica Mena?! It doesn’t make any sort of sense! Yandy’s not managing her, and she said they’re not friends. Yet and still, Erica keeps popping up on the show.

    We don’t get it.

    As we were trying to figure out just what Erica was doing back on our TV screens, she and Kimbella hashed out their problems with each other. Sort of. Erica said that her problem with Kimbella was that models like her supposedly work for cheap. Kim didn’t really address that accusation, but she said she doesn’t exactly work for free.

    For some reason we feel like Erica may have lost a job to Kimbella and she’s still bitter about it. If Erica really is on a higher level than Kimbella, then logically, they probably shouldn’t be in direct competition for a gig. So it seems that maybe Erica is over-valuing her talents.

    Oh well, at least this meeting didn’t end in another drink-throwing battle of the beauties. 

    Olivia met with producer Rico Love to talk about producing a new track. It seems like that partnership could work out, but he needs Olivia to be real with herself.

    He doesn’t think she’s nearly as happy as she claims to be, and he let her manager Rich Dollaz know it. The problem is, it’s not anything that Rich hasn’t heard before.

    For a woman that says she’s moved on, Emily Bustamente sure does stick close to Fabolous. She’s gone on dates with him. She’s pledged her allegiance to him at dinner with her girls and she invited him to her fashion show.

    The way we see it, Emily is giving Fab exactly the type of relationship he wants: One with no accountability. Otherwise known as a "break." That’s when a couple agrees to momentarily shutter their relationship to figure out if they really want to be together.

    For some, it brings them close together (you saw Jim Jones flew down to Miami to propose, right?). For others, it’s the first step towards breaking up for good.

    Emily knows what she’s always wanted, and she’s getting tired of being Fab’s kinda-sorta girfriend and she wants an established commitment. He, it seems, needs more time. 

    It doesn’t look like Emily will be able to hold on much longer, though.

    Just as Emily was drying her eyes, a newly re-engaged Chrissy Lampkin was getting riled up.

    Well…to be fair…she wasn’t looking for a fight when she went out with her girls, but that changed as soon as Yandy entered the room.

    Instead of just ignoring Yandy, Chrissy called her out for crossing yet another line in the Jones household. Apparently, Yandy e-mailed Jim and the message asked him why he’s buying so much stuff for Chrissy.

    There are a couple of problems with that:
    1. What he does with the money he earns really isn’t Yandy’s business.
    2. Yandy’s getting ready to drop him as a client anyway, so she really shouldn’t care how he spends it.
    3. Jim and Chrissy have been together for years, so it’s safe to assume that he’s been bank rolling her lifestyle for years—at least in part. This is not a new development.

    Chrissy could have taken the high road and just ignored Yandy, but oh no. The cast queen bee wanted to get a few shots at her friend-turned-rival.

    A girls’ night could have turned into a violent flashback to the season premiere slugfest, but security got in the way.

    The fight didn’t end there, though. Chrissy was determined to wait for Yandy outside the club, but VH1 rushed the manager out of the back of the club much to her confusion.

    Yandy didn’t seem to be all that much concerned about meeting Chrissy in the streets.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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