Deelishis denies husband’s arrest

    Deelishis is denying rumors of her husband’s arrest while facing the tragic loss of her grandfather.

    According to, Orlando Gordon was arrested by the FBI on Tuesday. Reportedly, he’s among 15 men who have been charged with running the biggest cocaine and marijuana ring in Detroit.

    An unidentified source said the arrest came after authorities found $500,000 in cash during a raid of Deelishis’ home. Supposedly, her husband has also been charged for several offenses, including tax fraud and drug trafficking.

    S2S spoke with Deelishis directly, and she insists that the reports are not true.

    "No one has come here and done anything to us. We’re fine," Deelishis said, noting that Orlando was in the house with her. "Ain’t no $500,000 over at my house."

    Deelishis then handed the phone to her husband who denied the rumors as well.

    "That was some old school news. It wasn’t true," Orlando told Sister 2 Sister, stating that MTO was just rehashing a story from 2008. "They’re just trying to tie me around a bunch of people in the city, but I ain’t got nothing to do with none of that."

    In the mean time, Deelishis is mourning the passing of her grandfather, who died early sunday morning at the age of 78.

    Sister 2 Sister offers its thoughts and prayers to the family during this difficult time.


    Listen to the interview here.

    Deelishis and Orlando by S2Smag




    —Sonya Eskridge



    Check out Deelishis’ column in the January 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



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