J.Hud wants new job for fiancé

    Could David Otunga’s decision to quit practicing law and join WWE as a fighter be one reason he and Jennifer Hudson haven’t walked down the aisle yet?

    “Jennifer wants him to have a career in a serious profession rather than the circus world of pro wrestling, but he told her he can always go back to being an attorney,” a source told the National Enquirer.

    On a recent episode of “Dateline,” Jennifer seemed to be in full support of her fiance’s aspirations.

    “Because I’ve been blessed to live all my dreams, I gotta support you in yours,” she said on the news show.

    Although he’s a Harvard-educated lawyer, it’s not a surprise that David prefers the world of entertainment to law briefs and legal motions. The chiseled fighter first came to fame as a contestant on VH1’s reality show, “I Love New York.”

    While he’s making more money now than he did in the world of reality, his $200,000 annual income is pennies compared to the millions that J.Hud earns, the Enquirer reports.

    “They are at a crisis point in their relationship… It’s really hurting their romance and their life together,” said the source. “It’s time for David to grow up."

    Despite rumors of trouble in paradise, Jennifer continues to assert that she and David will marry and have even set a date.

    “We’ve been set the date. We’re just not telling,” she told “Dateline.”

    Jennifer talks about her new book, I Got This. Watch below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Should Jennifer wait to marry until David gets a different job, or should she just be glad he’s doing what he loves? Leave your comments below.


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