Michelle Obama rejects ‘angry’ label

    In a recent interview with “CBS This Morning,” Michelle Obama opened up to co-host Gayle King about negative media portrayals and also responded to claims in a controversial new book on the Obamas.

    Even before President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, Mrs. Obama says she’s had to deal with some who have tried to brand her with the unflattering “angry Black woman” stamp.

    “I guess it’s more interesting to imagine this conflicted situation here and a strong woman and – you know?” she told Gayle during the interview. “But that’s been an image that people have tried to paint of me since the day Barack announced… that I’m some angry Black woman.”

    And, indeed, few can forget the infamous 2008 New Yorker cover which featured a drawing of Michelle clad in fatigues fist bumping her husband, then a presidential candidate, who was depicted wearing in Muslim garb.

    During the “CBS This Morning” interview, Michelle also addressed some of the assertions made in New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor’s newly released biography, The Obamas.

    In Jodi’s book, which offers a version of behind-the-scenes action at the White House, she said former presidential Press Secretary Robert Gibbs cursed the first lady at a meeting following the release of French First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy’s book where she wrote that Michelle told her living in the White House was “hell.”
    Mrs. Obama, though, says she never heard about the friction with Secretary Gibbs, adding that he remains a good friend.

    During the interview, she also called herself one of President Obamas’ “biggest confidantes.” And, while he has advisers, she adds, “That’s not to say that we don’t have discussions and conversations. That’s not to say my husband doesn’t know how I feel.

    "You know, I just try to be me,” she said. “And my hope is that over time people get to know me. And they get to judge me for me."

    Michelle also discussed life in the White House under the pressure of the bright public glare.

    “It has been a privilege, from day one. Now, there are challenges with being a mother and trying to keep your kids sane. And I worry a lot about that,” she said.

    Watch the interview below.




    —Hortense Barber



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