Tameka Foster talks co-parenting

    Tameka Foster might be locked in a custody battle right now, but according to her,  she’s still a good mom.

    After some disagreements about who should get the kids and when, both Tameka and her ex-husband Usher have filed for full custody of their sons, Usher V and Nayvid.  

    Tameka told Uptown magazine, however, that she’s not going to let her issues with Usher keep him from being a father. "He is a man very accustomed to having his way. This has nothing to do with how I parent,"  Tameka said. "Trust me, I never will have a desire to keep a man away from his kids. I am not June Cleaver or head of the PTA, but I know I am a good mother."

    In all, Tameka has five children and she points to her relationship with her eldest son, 21-year-old Darrin, as a testament to her mothering skills. "Because I had him at such a young age, he and I basically grew up together and we are extremely close. But I am very conscious not to be an overbearing mother," she said.

    After such a heavily scrutinized realtionship, the  stylist is now enjoying the single life. "I am dating," she said. "It’s refreshing. I have not been single in a while. I got divorced and married in the same year. It was a run-on relationship."

    She warned that any man hoping to win her heart better be ready to put in work while remaining well put together. Tameka’s got no time for sloppy guys; she wants a confident man with some swag.

    "A lot of guys like to play games. I like a man that’s a boss," Tameka explained. "I am not the dominant one. But a lot of the ones with the right mind-set wear OshKosh overalls. And if they are not fly, I don’t like them."

    The sign that she really likes a man, though, is how close she lets them get to her kids. "I don’t bring men around my children," she explained. "They have never met an ‘Uncle Tony.’ The two that I did bring around, I married."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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