Coby Bell dishes on Brandy

    Coby Bell misses Brittany Daniel, but he thinks Brandy’s doing a great job as the new Mrs. Jason Pitts.

    Producers for "The Game" threw fans for a loop when they introduced Chardonnay as Jason Pitts’ new wife. Not only were viewers surprised to see him get married again, but the fact that his on-screen wife was Black was a shocker! It was clear that Brandy was supposed to be a love interest, but few knew it was like that.

    Viewers should expect more of the sassiness that Brandy displayed as Chardonnay in the season premiere, Coby told "I think people are really REALLY going to love Brandy. She’s really going there," he said. "I was just so impressed. I didn’t even know she was going to play the part of ‘Chardonnay’ until the day before I started working with her."

    The actor said he and Brandy were able to tap into some great chemistry almost as soon as they got on set together. "It was, like, instant. We just understood each other," Coby explained, crediting the rapport to their work ethic. "We come from a similar place of how we work, so we just click right away. This whole season we just had so much fun working together."

    According to him, Brandy gets really into her character, which isn’t always a good thing for him. For example there’s one point in the season where Chardonnay smacks Jason in the back of the head, and she really hauled off and popped him a good one. He can laugh about it now, but that initial hit really stung. Hopefully, Brandy learned to lighten up as the action has become a regular thing for her character.

    Still, with Brandy in the picture many people are wondering what’s become of Brittany, who played Jason’s first wife Kelly Pitts. She didn’t have as big a part in season 4 as she once did, and this season she’s MIA.  

    "Brittany couldn’t do the show this season. We miss her so much though," Coby revealed. "There were personal things she had to take care of and the show got in the way of more important things."

    He also clarified that Brandy wasn’t brought in last minute to fill the hole in the cast, as Chardonnay was always meant to be a part of the show this season. However, producers did have to adust her story line on "The Game" once Brittany backed out.

    "It was actually going to be a love triangle between Brittany, Jason, and Kelly," Coby revealed. "But when Brittany couldn’t do the show, the writers had to quickly figure something else out. Maybe next year when she returns, everyone will get to see how that plays out."


    Check out the season 5 premiere of  "The Game" to see how Brandy measures up as Jason’s new wife.



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