‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 1.13.12

    Tamar one-liner: I ain’t call nobody no hoe…I just said it was hoe-ish.

    Trina let some skeletons out of her closet on the last episode of "Braxton Family Values"!

    So…a few things off the top:

    1. Tamar has finally seen the light!

    It seems that all it took was a quick show on stage, but Tamar is finally seeing that maybe there can be a Braxtons album without Toni. In the past, this was a major issue for Tamar; no Toni meant no album.

    Now, however, the most unlikely sister is hesitant about getting in the studio with her sisters: Traci. All Traci has been talking about since the idea came up was doing a Braxtons album; when the project stalled at the end of season 1, she was highly upset!

    What a difference time makes! Just as Tamar has softened her stance, Traci doesn’t seem quite as excited about it. It’s not that she wouldn’t love the chance to sing with her sisters, but she’s gotten her hopes up before only to be let down in the end.

    Well, if Traci doesn’t want to do the album anymore, there is one more Braxton who wouldn’t mind harmonizing: Mommy Evelyn! She brought up the idea of hopping on a track to Traci, who desperately tries to find a nice way to tell her mom it might not be a good idea.

    2. Trina cheated on Gabe!

    While Traci’s handling her mom, Trina is unloading a bombshell. Remember how Trina hinted a few weeks ago that she may have stepped out on Gabe? Well, she confirmed it!

    During one of their many shopping trips, Trina confesses that she had "an oral transaction" with one of the guys in her band. Remember the dude she was hugged up on at her graduation party? Yeah…that would be him.

    But maybe "transaction" wouldn’t exactly be the right term for what went down seeing as how she was the only one going down. As defined by her sisters, a transaction means there was some type of equal exchange, and it doesn’t sound like that’s what happened with Trina and her jumpoff.

    We’re not sure what her sisters should have been more shocked about: the fact that Trina cheated, or the fact that her lover did not return the favor.

    Trina, Tamar and Towanda couldn’t agree on whether Trina should tell Gabe, so they asked Traci.

    Traci has been in a similar situation, and she told her hubby about her indiscretion. But she only came clean in an attempt to hurt her husband the same way that he’d hurt her. Honesty may be the best policy, but Traci admits that she and her husband don’t completely trust one another, even to this day.
    Toni was the last sister to weigh in on the situation, and she suggested that Trina and Gabe take a break. Maybe some time apart might allow them to get clear about how they want the relationship to progress.

    So let’s add it up: Tamar and Towanda say keep quiet. Traci said she’d tell. Toni told Trina to run!

    Survey says: It’s all pretty much a moot point as the confession was caught on tape (several times!), so Gabe was gong to find out eventually. It’s better for Trina to confess now rather than wait for him to find out with the rest of the world.


    As always, Tamar is at the center of another family fight after she blurts out Trina’s business—in front of their mother.

    Evelyn, tired of all the shouting matches, decided to resolve the issue at home. She felt deeply embarrassed and disrespected by the very public altercation. But a discussion that was meant to put an end the argument from dinner just blew up into a bigger one!


    But what happened when Gabe found out about Trina’s infidelity? He wasn’t terribly surprised. Why? Because he already knew how Trina and her other man had been communicating with each other.







    —Sonya Eskridge



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