Yandy Smith: ‘I was just at a fed-up point’

    Some things that happen on reality TV seem staged, but Yandy Smith said her on-screen breakup with artist Jim Jones was 100 percent real.

    “The episode when I quit, I really quit,” she told Sister 2 Sister.

    “I was just at a fed-up point,” the music manager said about dropping Jim as her client after more than seven years.

    After repeated run-ins and words exchanged with Jim’s fiancée Chrissy Lampkin, Yandy figured a professional separation was for the best.

    “I really didn’t know what the issue was,” said Yandy, who started to feel like she was doing more harm to Jim than good and hindering his career.

    “That’s what I felt like I was doing. I didn’t want to hinder his plans with his girl. I didn’t want to hinder him not being productive with work because his girl was on his mind so much and making her happy. I just thought the better move was to walk away,” explained Yandy, who said she was more upset about the situation than she was with one specific person.

    “I was more tired of him not controlling that situation. I felt like I was interfering with their personal ‘cause he would have a hard time balancing work and home and he was always mad,” she said.

    Although Yandy and Jim have parted ways, she’s still busy with Missy Elliott and other clients, and she’s open to taking on more.

    "I’m definitely always looking. Right now, I want a young, new artist that’s kinda a cross between pop and hip-hop. That’s what I’m looking for right now,” said Yandy.

    Listen to more of Yandy’s conversation with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown below.
    Yandy Smith discusses Jim Jones split by S2Smag


    —Tracy L. Scott




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