Beyoncé: ‘Nothing can describe the feeling’

    Beyoncé took some time from nurturing her newborn to gush about the joys of motherhood and bonding with Blue Ivy.

    “Nothing can describe the feeling. You have the instant connection once you know your child is growing inside you, but when you hold it for the first time, the words can’t be found,” she told Star magazine.

    Proving that clichés aren’t popular for nothing, Beyoncé said a lot of what she heard about what she’d feel as a new mom is true.

    “It’s an old cliché that the thing expectant moms look forward to the most is holding their child in their arms for the first time, but it’s one of those clichés that is a real truth,” she said.

    Aside from disputing rumors that the whole pregnancy was a farce, Beyoncé and Jay-Z kept relatively quiet about their journey to parenthood. However, after Blue Ivy was born, a rap verse from Jay-Z suggested that the two had experienced at least one miscarriage.

    “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic. We was afraid you’d disappear, but nah, baby, you magic,” he rapped in his new song, “Glory.”

    Those past struggles seem to have only added to what the parents are feeling now.

    “A child is the greatest gift you can receive, and we are so excited and blessed to be in this situation,” she said.

    While a statement from Beyoncé came sooner than a lot of fans expected, the world still awaits a glimpse at the baby whose infant voice appeared on her dad’s track, setting a new record for the youngest ever to appear on a Billboard chart.

    So, does the baby look like Jay or Bey? Kelly Rowland wouldn’t divulge that info when asked by USA Today.

    “That will be something that everybody will have to experience the same way I did. That’s for her parents to disclose, not myself,” she said.

    However, another former Destiny’s Child buddy shared a little about Blue’s beauty.

    “She is absolutely gorgeous. We were all in love,” Michelle Williams said.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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