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    Tamar talks new single

    Tamar Braxton’s ready to break out on her own again with a new single set to drop this summer.

    The "Braxton Family Values" star told ThatGrapeJuice.net that fans should expect music that will have them heading for the dance floor…or at least doing a little shimmy in their chair.

    "That’s the kind of music that I like, and that’s the kind of music you can expect from me," she said. 

    Tamar has attempted to go solo once before with "If You Don’t Wanna Love Me," but she views her forthcoming album as a reboot of her personal career.

    "I really feel like this is my first go-round at solo success because this is who I am. Before I had to act like somebody else and sing like somebody else," she explained hinting that she was prompted to sound like her sister Toni Braxton. "That’s not where she is right now. She is on her own two feet, and she loves her music."

    But what’s up with all her references to Beyonce and Lady GaGa? Find out in the video below.


    Kim Kardashian planned her proposal?

    Did Kim Kardashian choreograph one of the biggest moments of her life? Sources close to Kris Humphries told RadarOnline.com that the NBA player’s proposal had to be approved!

    "Kim told Kris how, where and when to propose, it was absolutely no surprise to her whatsoever," one insider said. Supposedly, Kris wanted to pop the question during an enchanting night out in Minnesota, but that ideas was shot down.

    "First of all, Kris proposed in the middle of the day, and he had to do that because it would create better lighting to capture the moment. Kim looked so surprised but she knew it was happening," the source claimed. "She was in full hair and make-up, as she always is on the show. Kris wanted it to be very intimate and romantic, but all of his ideas were shot down by production officials and Kim."

    How’d she get Kris to go along with her plan? "Kim told him the paparazzi would ruin the special moment if it were to take place in a public setting, like the beach, which he had also considered,"the source said. "How romantic could it be with three camera crews?"

    Take a look back at the result of all Kim’s supposed plotting.




    Octavia Spencer ‘overwhelmed’ by win

    The Help star Octavia Spencer was overwhelmed and in shock following her Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

    “It really is a special night and the fact that it’s falling on Dr. [Martin Luther King Jr.’s] holiday—and I did a short film a couple years ago about this very thing—when I got backstage, I just started crying,” Octavia Spencer told “Access Hollywood.”

    The Golden Globes often serve as an indication of who will win trophies at the Academy Awards, but whether an Oscar is in her future or not, Octavia is savoring this moment.

    “It’s overwhelming,” she said. “I think everything happens when it’s supposed to. This character made me appreciate every aspect of my life that I’d taken for granted, and I feel kind of fraudulent to be rewarded for something that’s been such a life lesson."

    Watch more of Octavia’s interview below.


    Kevin Hart upstaged by Boris Kodjoe

    Comedian Kevin Hart visited the “Wendy Williams Show” Monday and shared a story with the audience about his experience with fans and actor Boris Kodjoe.

    While Kevin is a star in his own right, boasting several TV stand-up specials and roles in films like Soul Plane and Think Like a Man, two fans reminded him that Boris is just as popular (if not more so) than Kevin.

    Watch this clip from the show to find out what made one fan lose her lunch.



    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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