‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 1.17.12

    Yandy Smith and Chrissy Lampkin wrestled with the issue of loyalty on the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop."

    Yandy’s always viewed certain clients of hers like family, but lately that approach to client relations has been more trouble than it’s worth!

    Things have gone from bad to worse in the battle between her and Chrissy, who is engaged to her client Jim Jones. While Jim has no problem coming to his woman’s defense, Yandy expects him to stick up for her as well.

    It frustrates Yandy to no end that Jim, who she calls her brother, has failed to back her up. We’re not really sure why she expects him to jump in the middle of their fight, let alone side with her.

    To get a little help sorting the matter out in her mind, or maybe to just complain to a sympathetic ear, she looked up her mentor Mona Scott-Young. Unfortunately for Yandy, Mona didn’t offered up nothing but tough love.

    Yandy realizes that she’s gotten her emotions tied up in her professional relationship with Jim, and Mona questions why she’s letting personal issues mess up her career and reputation as a mangager. In Mona’s view, Yandy shouldn’t be looking to Jim for protection in her falling out with Chrissy.

    Mona broke it down for Yandy, stating, "Jim is never going to know you more than he knows his woman." And Mona reminded her that all the things Yandy’s done for Jim over the years are part of her job.

    At the end of the day, Mona suggested that Yandy take a step back from the situaion and keep things strictly professional with her clients from now on.


    In another part of New York, Chrissy was just about forcing Olivia to pick a side of the beef between her and Yandy.

    Chrissy wanted to know where Olivia’s loyalties lie, and while the singer was trying to answer as diplomatically as possible, that wasn’t enough for Chrissy.

    Emily Bustamente kind of threw Olivia under the bus by confronting her about what was said during their chat with Yandy. If Chrissy couldn’t get Olivia to pledge allegiance, maybe Emily thought it was her place to press the singer about her true feelings on the matter.

    Watching the friends meet up for a quick bite felt more like sitting in on an interrogation and Emily should have stayed out of it.

    Is it really Olivia’s place to pick one side of the other anyway?

    Still on her search for sympathy, Yandy invited Mama Jones out for a spa treatment in Brooklyn. While Nancy may not be crazy about Chrissy, she agrees with Mona’s advice for Yandy. "Business is business no matter what," Nancy said.

    Nancy knows that she and Chrissy are going to be family before long, so she’s got to find a way to make piece with the firecracker.

    Even though she’s been told again that she needs to set up boundaries, Yandy still insists on "being part of the family."

    Olivia also needs to rethink how she approaches her career as her manager, Rich Dollaz, has presented her with an offer she might not want to refuse.

    EMI is looking to sign Olivia for a three-album deal worth $1.5 million, which would be an investment into making her a huge name in the music business .

    She’s got to make some concessions. It’s not as much money as she wants and the  label is about to be absorbed by another company.  That makes her  leery of accepting the deal.

    In our opinion, Olivia shouldn’t be hesitating on this deal because it could be her last shot.

    Emily is entertaining an acquaintance named Winter, who happens to be friends with Fabolous. During the visit, the stylist explains her motives  for moving out because she didn’t really leave to get a fresh start. It seems that Emily left to get Fabolous’ attention, at least in part.

    We’re not sure how you get a man to stay by leaving, but apparently it makes sense in Emily’s mind. For all the posturing she makes about being independent and standing on her own, it’s obvious that Emily wants nothing more than to be with Fab.

    Winter encourages that madness by telling Emily to be patient while he comes to his senses. We’re not sure Emily should wait too much longer. She’s already been dealing with him for nine years afterall.

    It looked like Emily was starting to see the light, but we were wrong.



    Kimbella, Somaya Reece (where’s she been?!)  and Erica Mena supplied the craziness this week. Their confrontation was all kinds of messy. It didn’t make sense for Kimbella to get dressed up to go to her rival’s party just to read her.

    And how is Erica going to call her irrelevant, when it looks like Kim is all she can talk about?! Earlier in the show Erica did an interview about her fight with Kimbella. Before this fight, people probably only knew her for her very unflattering stint on "Kourtney & Khloé take Miami."




    —Sonya Eskridge



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