Did Jennifer Hudson propose to fiancé?

    Jennifer Hudson still hasn’t revealed exactly when she’s planning to walk down the aisle with soon-to-be hubby David Otunga, but she’s steady preparing for that special day.

    “It’s fun, and I like to be creative. So I’m coming up with all the creative ideas,” Jennifer told the hosts of “The Talk” about planning her upcoming nuptials. However, she admits that it’s also been a lot of work.

    “It can get really tedious,” she said, but luckily, Jennifer doesn’t have to do it all herself.

    “David is more sentimental than I am, so he throws his two cents in, too,” she said of her fiancé of more than three years.

    While David did things the old-fashioned way and proposed to Jennifer on a beach, the singer, actor and author shared that she also proposed to him later.

    “He proposed to me on my birthday, and he would complain that he didn’t have an engagement ring. ‘You have a ring. How are they gonna to know I’m taken?’" he asked. “I had him a ring made and gave it to him on his birthday,” she explained. “I kinda proposed to him, too.”

    Although there have been repeated rumors that there’s trouble in Jennifer and David’s relationship, she continues to deny that gossip and focuses on their future together.

    “We’d rather sing a song than dance,” she said, suggesting the couple might offer up a first duet, as opposed to a first dance as man and wife on that special day. “David can’t sing, but he tries. I have to work with him on that,” she said.

    Jennifer also talks about kissing Jamie Foxx. Watch.



    —Tracy L. Scott

    David Otunga popped the question first. So, was it all right for J.Hud to propose, too, or is she still in violation of the #1 Woman Law? Leave your comments below.



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