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    Sanaa Lathan reps Pantene

    Pantene has recruited Sanaa Lathan and her lovely locks to rep its brand. According to HelloBeautiful.com Sanaa is the new face of Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Collection.

    “I am so excited to be a part of a brand with such a strong history," she said in a statement. "People just love their products; it’s such a respected brand. I love that they went for a Black woman. It just shows that they continue to support beauty in all shades and all textures.”

    Check out her first ad here!


    Estelle says "Thank You"

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Estelle is determined to find the silver lining of her heartbreak in the video for "Thank You."

    In the clip she walks out of her man’s life after finding out that he’s got another woman on the side. Instead of crying in front him, the singer packs up her stuff, leaving the cheater in a speechless stupor.

    In the video, Estelle looks back at the now-defunct relationship and appreciates that her boo showed her what she doesn’t need in her life.


    Amber Rose hits the studio with Monica

    Could Amber Rose be getting some props from seasoned divas? The model, who has just released a single titled "The Fame," is still working on her album.

    Naturally, we expect Wiz Khalifa to make an appearance on her project, but she shocked some music lovers by tweeting a pic of her and Monica Brown.

    The picture below has raised speculation that Monica might be lending her voice to the album, but the "Love All Over Me" singer has yet to confirm it.


    Deion Sanders claims extortion

    Deion Sanders’ split from estranged wife Pilar has gotten even more dramatic.

    According to TMZ.com, Deion charges that Pilar is trying to wring more money out of him than their prenup states she should get.

    His legal team said Pilar’s claims of his infidelity are nothing more than extortion. "The actions of Ms. Sanders and her attorney are nothing more than an attempt to avoid a legally binding contract that she no longer likes, by falsely assassinating the character of Mr. Sanders in an effort to extort additional money from Mr. Sanders," said Deion’s attorney, Jody Johnson. 

    Jody also talks of Pilar’s claims that she was forced to sign a pre-nup before they wed. "Mr. Sanders committed to a generous financial agreement with his wife when they both voluntarily signed a premarital agreement," the attorney stated. "Mr. Sanders will not be intimidated by these shady tactics and remains committed to resolve this matter in a court of law as quickly and amicably as possible."

    Pilar’s legal team said the truth—and the proof of it—is on their side. "Pilar has taken a lie detector test on the question of fidelity during her marriage to Deion Sanders and PASSED," her lawyer said.



    Evelyn Lozada faces tough decision

    As if deciding who to marry and spend the rest of one’s life with isn’t a tough enough decision, Evelyn Lozada will also have to determine which of her fiancé’s last names she will tack on to hers once they’re married.

    Born Chad Johnson, Evelyn’s beau now goes by Chad Ochocinco. So what does that mean for Ev?

    “He says I should take the name that has made him the most money,” Evelyn told Ebony magazine.

    Although Evelyn Ochocinco has a certain ring to it, Chad seems to prefer his bride carrying on his government name.

    “It’ll be Johnson,” he said.

    According to the couple, it’s that sort of blunt, straightforward honesty that’s helped keep them together.

    “She was upfront and honest. I never had that before…She didn’t send her representative. She told me what she went through. She gave me A, B and C. She said, ‘Take it or leave it.’”


    Preview Beverly Johnson’s new reality show

    Supermodel Beverly Johnson is heading to reality show, but the fashionista isn’t hosting a modeling show like some of her counterparts. The series is about her family.

    “I’m determined to go to any lengths to make this happen,” she said about fixing strained relationships in her family. That means her daughter, son-in-law and grandchild are moving in with her.

    The series premieres February 4 on OWN.

    Watch a quick clip below.


    Queen Latifah loves all women

    “U.N.I.T.Y.” artist Queen Latifah refuses to confirm her sexual preference one way or another, but the rapper-turned-actor has no problem tossing out statements that continue to raise the question.

    “I love all women,” she said while talking about the positive and uplifting lyrics of her ‘80s music, including the song “Ladies First.”

    Of course, Latifah qualified the statement by sharing her thoughts on uniting female rap artists.

    “If we take care of our own backyard, then we don’t have to deal with them, but we want to battle guys. We want to do battle in their area, but we’re women. If anything we should stop clawing at each other and eating each other up,” she said.

    When asked about motherhood, Latifah’s response was a bit cryptic.

    “I’d love to be a mom, but how that works out exactly, I cannot say,” said Latifah, hinting that she might not conceive the natural way.

    Watch more of her interview below.






    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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