How’s Denise Vasi liking ‘Single Ladies’?

    While it’s not always easy to fit in with a new group of people, the cast of “Single Ladies” made the new addition, Denise Vasi, feel welcomed from the very beginning. Denise has only been in Atlanta a short time; however, the connections she has made will be apparent on the hit show set to air this summer.

    “In our first two episodes, which we’re shooting right now, you’ll see some genuine friendships,” said Denise during a recent interview with VH1. Fellow castmates LisaRaye McCoy and Charity Rhea got to know the actress, set to play the character Raquel, a little better with food, wine and downtime. “The first week, we had a blast.”

    The ladies of the show aren’t the only ones hitting it off with the former “All My Children” actress. Denise also quickly bonded with Travis Winfrey, who plays Omar on the show, as he introduced the newcomer to Atlanta’s many hot spots.


    “Me and Travis have become like, best friends in a week. He’s a super-sweet guy.”


    While many “Single Ladies” fans may miss Stacey Dash’s Val character this upcoming season, Denise is confident that the Raquel role will also hit fan-favorite status. “She hasn’t taken a dime from her parents since college. She’s made a name for herself, but she’s going to ask herself, is this who I really am, and am I making decisions based on what I want, or on what’s expected of me,” Denise explained.

    As for the actress portraying Raquel, staying grounded is a top priority. Denise relies on her supportive family and tight group of 10 girlfriends to keep her on track. “If I ever got out of line, any one of them would smack me back into place,” Denise said about her real-life inner circle. Fans of the show are eager to see how Denise will mesh with her on-screen crew.



    Denise and Travis strike a pose on set.


    —Gianna Banner

    Do you think Raquel’s character will fit with the other characters of “Single Ladies”? Leave your comments below.



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