Kandi Burruss blasts NeNe Leakes

    Kandi Burruss had a bone to pick with NeNe Leakes and Bravo during "Kandi Koated Nights."

    After Sunday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," NeNe yet again found herself on the set of "Watch What Happens Live" chopping it up with host Andy Cohen.

    NeNe never holds her tongue when it comes to her true feelings about her co-stars. When Kandi’s name came up, NeNe again accused the musical mastermind of playing both sides with her and BFF-turned-nemesis Kim Zolciak.

    Adding insult to injury, NeNe called Kandi a "hater" and implied that she’s fake.

    Well, Kandi wasn’t about to take those allegations lying down and told her side of the beef on "Kandi Koated Nights" this week.

    "Let me tell y’all something about her fake a*s," Kandi said during her webcast, launching into an explanation about why she went to Miami with NeNe at the beginning of the season. "I didn’t even really want to go on that trip. The only reason why I was even invited on that trip is because I was the only one that was even on speaking terms with her during that time other than Cynthia."

    "RHOA" fans know that when Kandi touched down in Atlanta again, she attended a surprise birthday party for Kim, where the rest of the cast members couldn’t keep NeNe’s name out of their mouths. As the other ladies kept prodding Kandi for dish about NeNe, the singer-songwriter joked that "she’s rich."

    Kandi insists that she was trying to diffuse the situation with a littler humor, but in no way meant to make NeNe the subject of ridicule. "That’s because that was the ongoing joke ever since her and Sheree had got in a fight," Kandi explained this week. "Name something else I said. Even when I was with her in Miami, I made a joke about the being rich thing."

    There might not be a whole lot of love lost between Kandi and NeNe, as Kandi claims they’re not really that close once the cameras stop rolling. "She don’t call me. I don’t talk to her outside of the show," Kandi revealed. "I don’t hear from her. I don’t talk to her." 

    For that matter, Kandi states that they aren’t that close on-camera either. "Even when all of us are together at certain events, half the time, she don’t even speak to me!" Kandi said, reminding everyone that they locked horns when she first joined the cast. "We even started out on the wrong foot."

    This wouldn’t be such a big deal for Kandi had she gotten to have her say last year when she originally blogged about the trip. Unfortunately, Bravo thought it would be better if some things were just left unsaid.

    "I just wanted to get that off my chest," Kandi said, revealing the real reason she’s been so quiet on the blogs. "I said all this in my blog, and then [Bravo] edited my damn blog. So I told them, I said, ‘I’m not blogging no more.’"

    See what else Kandi had to say, and how hype she was about it in the video below starting at the 26:00 mark.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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