Tamera Mowry finds marriage rhythm

    Life as a newlywed has been an adventure in more than one sense for Tamera Mowry-Housley.

    The "Tia & Tamera" star, who has been married to Fox News correspondent Adam Housley for eight months, said that she and her hubby have found their own groove as a married couple.

    "In the beginning, you have this adjustment phase," Tamera told People magazine at a party following the Golden Globes. "Now we’ve kind of got used to our own little rhythm."

    Part of that rhythm included finding a way to combine two homes in one, as they opted not to live together before the wedding. But what was the most challenging part about that transition?

    "Giving up my space!" Tamera admitted with a laugh. "I’m so used to having my bathroom all to myself and my poor husband’s like, ‘I need to get in. I need to get in.’ He needs his own space, too, so we had to learn that."

    Tamera and Adam don’t give each other so much space that they drift apart, however. The couple keeps things light and loving with a little help from modern technology and one age-old method of staying close.

    "We text each other little love notes and we always have date night," the former "Sister, Sister" star shared. "Adam always brings something home from wherever because he travels the world."

    But Adam doesn’t always leave the wife, Tamera assured.

    "Sometimes we travel the world where it’s just us. We enjoy each other; we love history; we love art; we love culture. So that’s how we do it!"



    —Sonya Eskridge




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