Trina Braxton explains her ‘oral’ affair

    Although she admitted on national TV that she engaged in an “oral transaction” with a man other than her husband, Trina Braxton asserts that she is not the slut that some have accused her of being.

    “Some people call me a slut, which I’ve never been. I’m a lot of things, but a slut ain’t one of them,” Trina told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. “Other people have been very, very supportive."

    For fans of “Braxton Family Values,” it was already clear that Trina and her hubby, Gabriel Solis, were experiencing difficult times in their marriage. Season 1 revealed that Gabe had participated in more than one extramarital affair in the past.

    However, Trina said she did not do what she did for revenge.

    “It wasn’t about getting back. It was about my own self-esteem,” said Trina, who explained that she hadn’t been intimate with her husband in a while before engaging in sexual contact outside of her marriage.

    She also explained why she performed the act she did instead of just having full-on intercourse.

    “Honestly, Auntie Jamie, I’m one of those people, I don’t have but so many notches on my belt," Trina said. "When it comes down to it, numbers mean a lot to me, and I’ve never been the type of woman to spread myself thin and let every Tom, Dick and Harry—or every Tom’s hairy d*ck—to associate with me and my body; not to sound vulgar.

    “I don’t allow that with my body; I just don’t. I do not. I did not, and I will not,” she said, challenging her sister Tamar’s assertion that Black girls don’t normally perform that act.

    “I don’t understand why it is so taboo,” said Trina, who clarified that the incident happened years ago and that she told Gabe about it before the episode aired.

    “That would be wrong to find out along with everybody else. That would be uncool,” she said.

    So, why did Trina decide to air her dirty laundry now while the reality TV cameras were rolling?

    “One of the reasons, Auntie Jamie, is that throughout the season, first starting with season 1 and then in season 2, we kept talking about Gabe did this and Gabe did that and Gabe cheated… at the end of the day, everybody was feeling like Gabe was this bad guy and Trina was this princess. That’s not the truth, Auntie Jamie. It’s not a one-way street,” she said.

    “He is not the only one with fault in this marriage,” she said.

    All in all, Trina said the whole experience was a positive one because it opened her eyes to a few things.

    “I learned some things about myself. I am imperfect in my marriage. I am not without blame," she said, before sharing one of the biggest lessons she learned from her affair. "As much as I try to say the scales aren’t even, doing somebody wrong is doing somebody wrong, no matter how even or uneven the scale might be. And two wrongs do not make it right."

    Listen to more of Trina’s conversation with Jamie Foster Brown, below.

    Trina Braxton explains "oral" affair by S2Smag


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    —Tracy L. Scott



    What do you think of Trina’s logic? Should she have announced her affair to the world? Leave your comments below.


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