‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 1.20.12

    Tamar one-liner: "Point blank and the period."

    The Braxtons had a little trouble coming together to honor Toni on the latest episode of "Braxton Family Values."

    Okay…we’re confused. Just two weeks ago, Tamar, Towanda, Trina and Traci were able to pull together an awesome show for WE tv executives in New York. And they only had days to get it together. There were some close calls and temper tantrums, but in the end, they were able to turn out a better-than-decent performance.

    This week, the sisters had a bit more notice when Toni asked them to perform at her induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Not only is it is a huge deal for Toni receive such an honor, but she personally asked her sisters to get up on stage and shine for her.

    It should have been no problem for them to come together and come up with a good set. Toni’s got lots of hits: "He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me," "Unbreak My Heart," and "Breathe Again" just to name a few!

    Even if the sisters don’t know Toni’s complete catalog, they’ve all performed with her enough to know one or two songs that could have worked well. Heck, they even could have used one of Toni’s lesser-known songs and still presented something great.

    The sister had their doubts going in, but it seemed that they quickly replaced their concerns with optimism as Towanda assured that it would be more of a team effort than their last performance.

    However, when they got back to Tamar’s place, it was a different story! The baby Braxton was worried that their show would look thrown-together since they didn’t have a set already prepared. She wasn’t crazy about the idea of starting from scratch.

    Yet again, we feel that if they could have just pushed that concern to the back of their minds, the sisters could have picked at least one song to do for Toni’s induction. Discussing their unpreparedness was a waste of valuable time.

    Just like last time, Traci came up with a great idea to do "He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me." How then was it that they went back to the medley idea the next day at practice?!

    Frustrations ran high as practice fell apart. Tamar got irritated and left, declaring that she was getting on her "man’s jet." Traci got mad and yelled at Tamar. Towanda stuck around to wait out the drama, and Trina was trying her very best to make peace.

    It. Was. A. Mess.

    Mommy E somehow got Tamar and Traci to sit down for a peaceful chat. She had confidence that her girls could have gotten over their own egos for Toni.

    They all understood that this performance was about honoring Toni, and they all wanted to do her body of work justice. Unfortunately, Tamar’s approach to achieving that goal didn’t mesh with that of her sisters, though her desire to lead was born of good intentions. She just needed to try a little harder with getting her own ego in check for occasions like these.

    Trina suggested that even if they couldn’t get a musical performance together, they each could have prepared a little speech for Toni. Not a bad idea!

    SIDE NOTE: How hilarious was it that cousin Jay drove Papa Braxton to Evelyn’s house?! It didn’t even makes sense for Jay to think anyone would have told him to take Daddy to Evelyn’s spot. They could have at least said "hello" before driving away, though, since they clearly saw each other.

    Unfortunately, the girls couldn’t get it together this time. There were neither speeches nor a performance from the Braxton sisters. Three hours before the show, ceremony producers told the sisters that no set meant no stage time whatsoever. That meant they couldn’t even get to the mic to say a few kind words of admiration for their sister!

    No one can really blame Tamar for that last bit of bad news, but we’re sure the producers could have squeezed them in for a quick speech. Heck, producers probably could have let Trina, Traci, Towanda and Tamar hand the award to Toni. There was a way for the girls to be involved.

    The bad news only got worse when they couldn’t get backstage to spend some time with Toni.

    For all intents and purposes, Toni’s sisters really let her down for one of the biggest moments of her life. It was the last straw that sent them into a sisterly therapy session with Dr. Sherry. 






    —Sonya Eskridge

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