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    Kevin Hart opens up about his family

    The comedian talked about his mother’s death from ovarian cancer on a recent episode of OWN’s “Rosie O’Donnell Show.”

    “I’m weird with emotion. Am I supposed to be crying? Am I really still supposed to be able to move and walk?” he rhetorically asked Rosie.

    “I really didn’t know what my emotion was supposed to be. I just never addressed it. I never talked about it. My mom passed away from ovarian cancer.”

    While she was dealing with an illness Kevin knew nothing about, the comedian frequently joked about her in his acts; but Kevin doesn’t think she was ever offended by them.

    “My mom never came to my shows. My dad came, but fell asleep twice,” he said about his parents, before noting a comment from his father that has stuck with him throughout his life.

    “Kevin, I was supposed to make the mistakes I made in life for you to get to where you got,” he said.

    Watch more of the interview below.


    Tia Mowry visits ‘Rachael Ray’

    Tia Mowry admitted that juggling her two TV shows, book writing, wifely duties and motherhood has not been easy.

    “It’s extremely hard. I’m just gonna keep it real. It’s hard to find that balance. I don’t even know if there is a balance," she told Rachael Ray.

    Even though she wears a lot of hats, Tia isn’t complaining because her baby, 6-month-old Cree Taylor Hardrict, is worth it.

    "He just motivates me to just go to work and be the best because I do all of this for him,” said the 2012 Image Award nominee.

    Fans got to witness some of Tia’s adjustment to motherhood on season one of "Tia & Tamera," but they’ll be able to get more details in her new book due out May 15.

    “I actually have a book coming out, called Oh, Baby. It’s a tell-all book about what I went through,” she said. “It’s all about my pregnancy and my experience because they really don’t tell you like it is.”


    President Obama sings Al Green

    President Barack Obama drew cheers from an audience at a fundraising event Thursday night at the Apollo Theater when he broke out into song and offered a few bars of “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green, who was in attendance.

    However, the audience cheered even more when the president touched on a very integral part of his campaign: increased taxes for the wealthy.

    It’s important for “those who are most fortunate to pay their fair share,” he said.

    Watch President Obama sing below.


    NeNe Leakes still has love for hubby

    Although they’ve been estranged for more than a year, NeNe Leakes admits she still loves her husband Gregg.

    “We’re not completely divorced yet,” she clarified to Rosie O’Donnell.

    “I like to say—I know a lot of people on reality shows break up—but I like to say the problems that Gregg and I had, we had them going into the show,” said NeNe, who saw that as motivation for doing "RHOA."

    “I was thinking, ‘This is going to be great ‘cause I’m gonna get this check and you can go on about your business,’” she said.

    Despite the jokes, she couldn’t deny her feelings for him.

    “I love Gregg, and we been together for 15 years, and I feel like we kinda grew up because I started dating him young, and he’s older than me, but I got a lot of love for Gregg Leakes,” she said.

    Watch NeNe talk more about reality TV.

    NeNe talks about “Celebrity Apprentice.” Watch.


    Sherri Shepherd talks new movie
    Sherri Shepherd prayed to God that she’d be able to play a hooker in the new film, One for the Money, and she was blessed with the granting of that request.

    “This one is a hooker with a heart of gold,” she told Jay Leno. “This was on my vision board for the last seven years… I kept saying, ‘Lord, I really want to play this character Lula.’ You gotta ask for what you want. You put it out there. Thank you, Jesus,” she said.

    One for the Money stars Katherine Heigl and hits theaters January 27.

    Sherri also talks about her Twitter followers. Watch.


Sherri talks about Sal and her wigs.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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