Kimbella announces pregnancy

    Kimbella’s got a few situations to deal with on the season finale of "Love & Hip Hop" tonight!

    Between checking an out-of-pocket cast mate or holding down the fort while her man is behind bars, Kimbella has a lot on her mind.

    As she has become famous for doing, Kimbella comes clean about what’s been going on before it gets around to too many people.

    The model called over her friend, Yandy Smith to explain what happened during Erica Mena’s party and what possessed her to crash her rival’s birthday bash.

    Then Kimbella drops a bomb by revealing that Juelz Santana has been arrested. As she tells it, Juelz got locked up for a run-in he had with one of their neighbors.

    Elsewhere, Chrissy Lampkin is making peace with her mother-in-law-to-be, Nancy Jones. The two cook up a little peace in the kitchen. "Nancy and I, we’re in a good place right now," Chrissy explained. "She’s a little tricky to deal with at times, but she loves her son [Jim Jones] so much that she’s willing to love me."

    For her part, Chrissy is willing to bury the hatchet.

    Nancy wants Jim and Chrissy to get about the business of making a baby. Specifically she wants a granddaughter!

    But the big news of the night might be that Kimbella and Juelz are expecting another baby! Considering this development, we’re even more baffled as to why Kimbella would confront Erica in a catsuit.

    Kimbella announced the good news to her family, which was met with some concern. 





    —Sonya Eskridge




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