‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 1.24.12

    There were lots of tears and hugs on the season 2 finale of "Love & Hip Hop."

    The second season of "Love & Hip Hop" roared onto TV with clashing cast members, career struggles and romantic conundrums. We’re glad to say that it’s ending on a much quieter note.

    For starters, Chrissy Lampkin and Nancy Jones kicked off the season finale by calling a truce. Once fierce adversaries, fans of the show have seen them battling since the beginning of season 1, and things only got worse when Nancy released a diss track about Chrissy.

    But now that Jim Jones has asked Chrissy to marry him, it’s time for the two to play nice because neither one of them is going anywhere.

    The two decided to grill their beef in the kitchen (how appropriate) since they both agree that they love Jim enough to love each other.

    Things aren’t going as well for Olivia and her manager Rich Dollaz. Simply put he’s run out of funds to support Olivia’s struggling career. He was hoping that a contract with EMI could be Olivia’s scing grace.

    Unfortunately, Olivia didn’t see it that way and rejected the three-album deal that the label was offering up.

    In our honest opinion, it was not a smart decision. Olivia feels that, given her talent, she should be getting a way more desirable offer. It’s a fair point, but her history in the music business doesn’t not reflect her high expectations of herself.

    Realistically, it would have been in her best interest to accept the deal because EMI was attempting to push her in a way that she’d been unable to do on her own. She said she’s willing to give up everything she has to turn her career around, but we don’t know how true that is. Should another label make her an offer, her lack of humility could spoil the deal like with this last opportunity.

    Good luck, though!


    Somehow, Emliy is still waffling about whether or not to go back to her babydaddy Fabolous. She loves him, and she wants to be with him, but he’s too busy being single to settle down.

    She’s attempted to move out to catch his attention. She’s started dating him again to rekindle their relationship. However, Emily is still having trouble getting him to love her the way she wants: with a monogamous commitment.

    A mutual friend of theirs has suggested that Emliy go home and stick it out until he’s completely sowed his wild oats. Sure! Waiting around until he decides to be faithful sounds like a great idea. You know, because it’s worked so well up until now.  Chrissy, however, disagrees with the notion that Emily should be cool with him blatantly running around with other women, while she stays home waiting for him.

    To put it bluntly, Chrissy thinks his behavior shows a lack of respect for Emily and their bond (whatever it may be). "A man is going to do what he’s going to do, but he has to be smart enough—and loyal enough—for you to never feel it, see it or hear it," said Chrissy.

    "I’m not accepting or I’m not blind, I’m just realistic," Chrissy added, attempting to quiet any questions about the status of Jim’s fidelity. "I know that things happen, but you better not ever let me find out. Ever."

    We’re not exactly sure we agree with that sentiment. But, hey…it’s whatever works for them. If they like it, we love it.


    After giving Emily her honest opinion, Chrissy and Jim jetted off to Jamaica with Nancy for a surprisingly pleasant family vacation. Everyone got along, just like Jim’s been wanting for years!

    Finally, they’re one big happy family. Aww!


    Kimbella also focused on family for the season finale as she brought her mother and father up from Miami for a visit. While they were in New York, Kimbella attempted share some great news: she’s pregnant!

    Awkwardly, the announcement wasn’t received with as much excitement as she’d been hoping for. In fact, Kimbella’s mom took that opportunity to share a few of her concerns.


    As happy as she is about having another baby with Juelz, she’s not sure that their relationship is as solid, or as consistent, as she would like it to be.


    So with season 2 drawing to a close let’s sum things up:

    – Emily wants respect from Fab in their relationship. Now she’s got to figure out how to get it because it is very apparent that she’s not letting him go just yet.

    – Kimbella wants a secure family life for her kids, whether that includes Juelz or not.

    – Somaya is ready to head back to go back to LA armed with a new look, a new sound and a new backer.

    – Olivia’s career isn’t going quite as smoothly, but she’s determined to be a musical success on her terms and she’s willing to give it everything she has.

    – Yandy has found peace with leaving Jim behind as a client, and she’s ready to put more energy into her personal business.

    – Chrissy’s ready to really begin her life with Jim.

    We can’t quite say "and they all lived happily ever after," but these women seem happy enough with their situations. That’s good enough for now.




    —Sonya Eskridge



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