Kelly Rowland reports on Carter family

    Former Destiny’s Child member and Beyoncé’s BFF, Kelly Rowland, can’t contain her excitement and recently weighed in on the birth of baby Blue Ivy Carter.

    “She is just more precious than a diamond. She is just so stunning. I’m so happy for my sister and her husband. She’s beautiful,” Kelly told E! News.

    Jay Z and Beyoncé welcomed a beautiful baby girl earlier this month. The anticipated arrival was not without drama. The couple reportedly rented the entire floor of Lenox Hill Hospital on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Many patients and staff members complained of heightened security.  E! News reported that baby Blue Ivy arrived via a scheduled C-section and came a month before her expected February due date.

    Kelly reported that mommy Beyoncé and daddy Jay-Z are doing just fine and she’s bubbling over with pride toward her life-long friend.



“She’s an incredible mother. I’m so incredibly proud of her. So proud of her! She’s in mommyville and I’m so happy for her. And her husband’s in daddyville and the baby is very beautiful. Beautiful!”

    Kelly was all smiles when discussing meeting baby Carter for the first time. She said that her and former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams were in awe and could not help but stare at the beautiful baby. 

“We all just stared at her,” she smiled. “I just stared at her. She is so beautiful.”


    Watch Kelly gush over Bey’s baby.

    —Kia Jefferson


    Has Kelly caught the baby bug?  Is she next for Mommyville? Can you picture Beyoncé and BFF Kelly both pushing baby strollers? Leave your comments below.



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