Adrienne Bailon denies Fabolous affair

    Adrienne Bailon has finally decided to set the record straight about her relationship with Fabolous.

    Over the years, there have been rumors that the former Cheetah Girl and rapper Fabolous have been secretly seeing each other behind Emily Bustamente’s back.

    Pictures have turned up with Fabolous and Adrienne out on the town with no Emily in sight, feeding into the rumors that the two were dating. Adrienne hit up Power 105.1’s Cherry Martinez for #GirlPowerMonday this week to address the rumors and the reason she and ex Rob Kardashian didn’t work out.

    “We’re over it,” Adrienne said of the gossip. “We’re literally like three years into saying that I date Fab. [Emily] and me and Fab, which are the people, we’re over it.”

    She continued, “I don’t know what’s wrong with people. I think it’s hilarious that the three of us can say it they’re still not going to believe us so at this point."

    But Fab isn’t the only famous man that she’s been linked to. The singer-actress also dated Rob Kardashian for  while, and the couple even moved in together before ultimately breaking up.

    “I do think him and I are really, really different," she explained. "You know they say opposites attract. I’m a real New Yorker. Sometimes I think the things that matter to us were different.”



    —Ashley Travers




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