NeNe Leakes gives up grudges

    NeNe Leakes is still feeling pretty good about her decision to leave "The Celebrity Apprentice" last year.

    As  NeNe told Rosie O’Donnell it took her a while to figure out her cast mates, but when she reached her breaking point she knew it was time to go.

    "We’re doing a reality show that is very tough," said NeNe. "I loved quitting! I loved it. I have no regrets."

    Holding the designation as the only competitor ever to leave "The Celebrity Apprentice," NeNe thinks that Donald Trump’s initial disparaging comments about her exit were just for show. "He loved me and respected me for it. I will have to say that. He did respect me for leaving," she speculated.

    It wasn’t the stressful challenges that drove the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star from the show. Rather the pressures of dealing with her co-stars had become a little too much for her. NeNe had tangled with LaToya Jackson and Dionne Warwick during her stint on "The Celebrity Apprentice," but she counted Star Jones as the worst of them all.

    "I couldn’t take it anymore. Star…I would have squeezed," NeNe said gesturing that she was about strangle Star. "Ooh, she’s mean."

    Things weren’t always like that between NeNe and Star. In fact, NeNe told Rosie that she and Star started off the show being very close.

    "What you don’t know is that Star and I went to dinners together. Every night after the show," NeNe explained. "We double dated with her boyfriend Irv and my husband Gregg. I kept her dog"

    Eventually, however, NeNe said that she began to see that their bond may have been more of a tactical measure than a genuine friendship.

    "This is what I thought about her: She was very sneaky, and I thought she was getting around me to just see how I really was so that she could, like, get me," NeNe told Rosie. "When I realized how manipulative she was, it set me so off.

    She added, "She’s not nice."

    Now that the show is over, NeNe said she’s done away with any hard feelings for Star and claims that she could be very pleasant with her one-time nemesis

    "I’m not a person to hold a grudges. I’m really not," NeNe shared.  When you hold a grudge that takes a lot of energy. You’re walking around all mad. You could have an ulcer!"




    —Sonya Eskridge




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